Dealing with bullying

Dealing with Bullying

Dealing with bullying has become a shared responsibility. Parents, schools, society, and media should all stamp out bullying. is putting forward some practical tips on how to deal with bullying.

Bullying can be highly devastating; the best way to combat it is to ignore it. Maintaining a calm and neutral manner will help you keep yourself from further trouble with bullies. Along with coping with bullying, you can assist yourself in controlling your feelings. Try to keep cool and calm as you assure your safety and avoid reacting emotionally. In doing so, you can end bullying at home and school quickly.

How to Deal With Bullies?

When a victim of bullying, here’s what you have to do. While different tactics work for other people, you should first work it out yourself. Remember, the more confident you are, and the more you can handle it, the better you can stop the bully.

The most effective method to deal with bullying is to remove the bully’s power. The bully wants to put you in the corner, weakens you make you sad and scared. So, if you show them a strong personality and a positive response, they will lose interest and stop bothering you. However, if the bully isn’t willing to change their behavior, you should consider reporting the incident to an adult.

Remember that there are deep psychological reasons for bullying; most bullies lack parental affection and love. So, they want to overcome these inferiority complexes and feel more powerful by bullying others.

Here Are Some Ways for Dealing with Bullying:

  • Ignore the act of bullying. You don’t care. 
  •  Stay positive. 
  • Be confident and look down at the bully; let them look like fools in your eyes. 
  • Make friends and keep walking when the bully swears or harasses you. 

Ignore your Bully

Try to ignore your bullies and look down at them. Treat them just like if you are treating fools. Let them see how stupid they look in your eyes. Listen to their voice as it comes out all distorted and warbled. And they’ll turn yellow with pink stripes. Now, who’s laughing?

Stay Positive

Thinking positively is a crucial attitude to develop. Staying positive while you are bullied is indeed challenging. However, remembering that you are valuable regardless of the circumstances and situations, you go through will help deal with bullying what-is-bullying. Thinking of how bad the bully feels may also push to stay positive.

Be Confident

When bullied, pretend to be the boss and the leader in such circumstances. It’s crucial to be confident and strong, particularly when you’re a male. Bullies usually pick on weaker people, so keep standing up to them even if you are scared; they’ll stop.

Use the Buddy System for dealing with Bullying

Bullies feel empowered to bully you when they single you out but rarely bully a group. So, hanging out with your friends may help you deal with bullying. Remember that the bullies are, mostly, weak and helpless creatures.

In case of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying could make bullying worse. So, preferably, don’t respond to any cyberbullying such as texts, emails, or instant messaging. Tell your parents about the bullying incident immediately and let them block all communications from the bully. Finally, make sure to save the bully’s messages as proof if you need it.

Family Role in Handling Bullying

As parents, you shouldn’t get angry when finding out about bullying. The most effective way to deal with bullying is to be aware of your child’s reaction to the aggression. The bully may not understand the actual reason behind your child’s behavior; however, parents may have a role to play in this situation. It would help if you began with helping your child
learn social and empathy skills to deal with a bully.

One method to assist your child in dealing with bullying is to set an example. Parents must be supportive, instructs the bully to stop, and report any incident to the appropriate adults. They should provide a positive example to their children. When negatively witnessing their parent’s bullying can set an unfavorable example for everyone else in the family. Parents should remember that children are great imitators, but they can’t differentiate between positive and negative behaviors. The best example begins at home with parents; if parents behave violently, the children will behave rudely to people around them.

A bullying incident occurred in Canada, and the school staff and the parents’ reacted immediately and positively. The father refused to pick his child from school; he followed her while walking to school. So, parents shouldn’t always be affective towards their kids; they should praise positive behaviors and punish the negative ones.

It is the Role of Society to Deal with Bullying

Society’s overriding aim is to safeguard its citizens. So, the community as a whole must confront bullying by setting laws and instruments to ensure that children are secure. Prevention and control of bullying must be a collective effort. So, civil societies, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies should all ensure that bullying isn’t acceptable in the community.

Together with citizens, decision-makers should be active in dealing with bullying. They must be aware of the behavior indicators and take appropriate actions. If they notice evidence of bullying within a child, it’s essential to intervene and take serious measures. The role of bystanders is crucial in stopping and solving instances of bullying.

School’s Role in Dealing with Bullying

The school plays a crucial role in dealing with school violence school-violence and school bullying. First and foremost, Schools should combat all kinds of misbehaviors, including bullying, and teach students how to deal with it. Administrators and teachers can organize seminars, workshops, assemblies, and invite special guests to help educate students about the problem. The theaters’ department can write plays about the topic and then inform the school community. The bullied student should report the incident to the school’s Human Resources office. It is crucial to notify the Human Resources Office about the incident to implement the proper actions.

Dealing with bullying comprehends understanding the root cause of the incident. The kind of bullying that happens at school could differ from one situation to another. Yet, most bullying cases involve conflicts between children and not between adults. Conflict resolution and mediation through peer relationships are not appropriate for handling the
situation of a bully. However, they’re great for dealing with conflict between children. Schools can also be proactive in teaching vulnerable children to assert their rights.

Mass Media Role in Dealing with Bullying

The reporting of bullying can be a challenge. The media must address various complex issues sensitize the public to the danger of the phenomenon make. Additionally, they should diversify the patterns of media coverage of bullying to meet the needs of all types of audiences. Media is a powerful means of influence; they can shape the way of thinking of the mass quickly and easily. The media must deal with bullying responsibly and reasonably and avoid depicting the truth about the bullying issue unfavorably.

The way the media portrays social issues has a significant impact on the community. Media can use all sorts of coverage such as written, auditory and audio-visual to tackle bullying. If TV channels, Radio programs, journalists, and bloggers give more importance to the issue, they can fix it quickly. Although the media might not be involved, some TV programs can unintentionally encourage the act of bullying. So, governments must practice censorship on programs and shows that implicitly aggravate bullying in society. They should impose heavy fines on Tv channels, internet bloggers, and advertisements that promote the act of bullying.

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