Women's Moncler Jacket

Women’s Moncler Jacket for Warmth and Comfort

Childrensarea.net advises enjoying the women’s Moncler Jacket. Many people owning Moncler jackets would vow that they’re a bit expensive, but they are worth the price for the warmth and comfort they provide. You can wear them on dry days to ensure they’re clean well-maintained as well as on rainy days. You can also ear them for different occasions without bothering yourself about their condition. They are just stylish, warm, and durable. 

How the brand was born?

In 1952, the Moncler brand was founded. The name comes from Monestier-de-Clermont, a village near Grenoble, France. 

First, the idea was to make equipment for mountain excursions, such as sleeping bags, tents, and gloves. The brand was able to see its potential with the French climbing legend Lionel Terray endorsed it. Then it came out with a line dubbed « Moncler pour Lionel Terray, » which included high-resistance camping gear and gloves, as well as shoes and the signature down jacket.

In 1954, Moncler provided the Italian expedition to conquer the K2, the world’s second-highest summit that gained international recognition.

In the 1990s, the interest in the brand was going down. The brand had become boring after years of stagnancy. Then came the Italian businessman Remo Ruffini: Ruffini bought the brand in 2003 and brought it back to life to make it a fluffy down jacket, an essential winter garment for urban and ski resorts.

In the 1990s, the brand had become boring after years of stagnancy. So, an Italian businessman called Remo Ruffini bought the brand in 2003 and brought it back to life as an essential winter garment for urban and ski resorts.

« The goal was to bring the brand into the future, starting at the beginning. Our goal was to introduce a « global down jacket » strategy across the globe,” he said.

The Five brandy women’s Moncler Jackets

1.Moncler Black Down and Fur Bady Jacket

Long-sleeved quilted down-filled coated satin nylon coat in dark black. 

Detachable tonal fur trim at detachable hood. 

  • Stand collar and zip closure with two ways at the front. Zippered pockets around the waist. 
  • Flap pocket as well as a tricolor logo patch on the sleeve. 
  • Adjustable button closure at the cuffs. 
  • Tonal satin lined and tonal gunmetal hardware.
  • Supplier color: Black 
  • Trim: 100 percent of fox fur. 
  • Fill 90% down and 10% feathers.

2.Bady Short Down Jacket

The Bady jacket is a transformation of sporty style features mingled with a creative, free spirit and a romantic attitude. A modern allure that gently forms the silhouette in a high-tech, performance-oriented interpretation with a feminine touch. Multi-faceted and international This piece is essential for urban areas and the mountains.

  • Down quilted nylon laque jacket
  • Hood detachable with drawcord, snaps, and black knit binding
  • Adjustable elastic ceased cuffs with snaps
  • Patch pocket for the flap on left sleeve Die-cast zipper
  • Front closure (black for all colors)
  • Two pockets with black zipper die-cast
  • Felt Moncler logo on the left sleeve
  • Short length

3.Boed Short Down Jacket

This design offers a chic winter look, with feminine lines defined by its waist belt and cozy hood and adorned with polished trim. This leger made of nylon is smooth and comfortable and offers security.

  • Parka for women.
  • Fabricated in nylon The leger
  • Quilted with down and boudin
  • Nylon leger lining
  • The Hood is attached and has removable trims of fox fur
  • Front zip with two-way closure
  • Grosgrain pocket trims horizontally with zip closures
  • Elasticated waist belt
  • Cuffs made of elastic with a case
  • Felt Moncler logo on sleeves
  • Medium length

4.Clion Short Down Jacket

Clion Parka designed for females features a slim, feminine style that seamlessly suits any style. The style is made of nylon rainwear and is distinguished by the belt that emphasizes the waist, and the hood has removable fur trims to add an elegant touch. The contrast-colored buttons and zipper outline the style in a graphic, bold style.

  • Parka for women
  • Fabric is made of nylon rainwear
  • Boudin quilted and filled with down
  • Hood with attached hood and removable fur trim
  • Front zipper with two-way closure
  • Long sleeves with elastic cased cuffs
  • Chest pockets and pockets that have snap closures
  • Waist belt buckle with logo
  • Felt Moncler logo on sleeves
  • Short length

5.Badyfur Short Down Jacket

The Badyfur effortlessly blends high-end clothing features, such as Fox fur, with features that bring a contemporary twist to a classic design. The contrasts of colors are enhanced by the laque made of nylon, which becomes the perfect accent for a stylish look.

  • Nylon laque jacket
  • Nylon laque contrast lining
  • Down quilted
  • Shadow fox fur in contrast color cut Hood
  • Hood detachable and fur trim with snap closures in contrast colors
  • Flexible elastic cuffs made of cased elastic with contrast color-painted snap closures
  • Patch pocket for the flap on the left sleeves
  • Contrast color die-cast zipper closure
  • Double pockets that have contrasting color zipper closures made of die-cast
  • Felt Moncler logo on left sleeve pocket
  • Short length

How does the Women’s Moncler jacket sizing run?

As a potential buyer of Women’s Moncler Jacket, you would ask about the size and price. Before purchasing, you’ll want to know what Moncler size take. Here’s everything you should be aware of about the brand’s sizing.

  • The sizes of clothes vary from XXXS to XXXL (the US from 0 to 16) for women’s sizes. 
  • The down jackets of the signature are made to guarantee the perfect fit.
  • Before choosing your size, consider the outfit you’ll be wearing underneath your jacket. Yet, if you’re likely to be wearing multiple clothes, then go for sizing up.
  • If you’re most likely to wear a slim-fit sweater; opt for the size you usually wear.
  • If you’re planning on wearing your jacket for outdoor adventures, we suggest you size up to give you more flexibility of movement.
  • Check out the size chart if you’re unsure which size to pick.

Where is the Women’s Moncler Jacket made?

Established in France and located in Milan, Moncler is 100 percent manufactured entirely in Europe. The jackets come primarily from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Armenia, and Hungary.

To ensure a conducive working condition and environment of its workers on the production site in Romania, the company conducts on-site inspections and yearly free eye and blood tests.

Apart from the Gamme line that has been removed, Moncler does not produce the brand in Italy. Therefore, if the country that appears on the label of your jacket reads Italy or France Beware, It’s probably counterfeit!

Why is the Women’s Moncler Jacket so expensive?

Moncler is a luxury brand. The company uses the best, most innovative, and top-quality materials. 


In fashion, puffy down fill makes an integral part of Moncler because it procures the most delicate white goose.

The jackets are 90% down and just 10% feathers to ensure a high fill power. The jackets are also light and comfortable.


Moncler makes use of a variety of nylons with high performance. There is also the high-density, lightweight, and down-proof Japanese nylon that is 33 grams for a square yard. 

In 2020, the brand introduced its Born to Protect sustainability project, which focuses on renewable energy, reducing the use of plastics, and launching the line of accessories and jackets made entirely from eco-friendly materials.

The women’s Moncler jacket includes:

  • Made in Europe with top high-end materials
  • Lightweight, insulating, and ventilated
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly and socially committed
  • A Fashion statement!

Women’s Moncler JACKET’S PRICE

Beanies on their own are available for as low as $465, let alone the prices for women’s Moncler jackets. All in all, the prices range between $1,000-$2,000. Once a certain point is reached, the price has become less associated with function than its reputation and fashion heritage. Moncler is as a bit like the Range Rover. We’re talking about one of the greatest brands designers at this level. This luxurious product has a high price that is also functional and top-quality manufacturing. In addition to its distinctive branding, Moncler was designed to be used in harsh environments and for explorations.

FIT & STYLE of Women’s Moncler JAcket

Women’s Moncler jackets are thinner, sharper, and far more sophisticated than many down jackets. Moncler’s reputation for fashion is well-deserved since they constantly push the boundaries and blend fashion and top-quality warmth technology. Additionally, Moncler has recently released numerous patterns and designs that allow you to stand out and remain ahead of the latest trends. If the style is your primary factor for you, we’d recommend Moncler ahead of any other brand for their inventive and stylish fashion.


If you wear a women’s Moncler jacket for the first time, you will feel the difference. The weight of the jacket is comfortable and perfectly balanced with your body. It helps keep your body temperature tightly sealed inside. It is constructed using 90/10 top lightweight quality down-to-feather ratios. When choosing a weight for your jacket, make sure to consider: the greater capacity of the fill, the warmer it will feel. The higher the fill power also means that the down is premium feathers.

Moncler has top-of-the-line Italian construction, which means the wind cannot go through the coat, and the jacket is much lighter than other companies but is a lot warmer. It is a distinctive characteristic of Moncler jackets: the lightweight, comfortable and cozy that keeps an unimaginably warm temperature.


The Women’s Moncler jacket is constructed from top-quality materials. They are of Japanese nylon that is smooth, which means the possibility of feathers falling loose is extremely low. This is the reason for its popularity and the trust of consumers. In addition, its down-to-down ratio is 90% down and 10-percent feather. That’s among the highest available. Similar to the warmth, it is evident that the Moncler jackets are warmer than other jackets. The fabric is not just robust, but it also feels comfortable. So, the design is significantly different from other brands.

How do you tell if « Moncler » is real or not?

When buying any Women’s Moncler jacket, make sure to verify the authenticity code on Moncler’s site. Additionally, around the year 2010, Moncler started using snaps that only had the Moncler brand name engraved on them. Concerning zippers, Moncler has occasionally used VISLON zippers, and as of 2013, many women’s Moncler jackets come with Riri zippers. Most men’s jackets continue to have Lampo zippers. Moncler never uses zippers that don’t have a brand name or only an unrelated number.


The first step is to determine the area where you think the Moncler embroidery is situated. As a general rule, you will find the Moncler embroidery is usually located on the left side of the jacket. When there are sleeve pockets, it’s in the pocket. Jackets and vests with removable sleeves have embroidery on the left side of the front. The Moncler embroidery is full of texture. If an embroidery appears « flat » printed on, take note! The logo patches are the same as one Moncler in the same pattern as the following. Fakes look different.

Fabric of a women’s Moncler jacket

Below is an example of how to differentiate a fake from the genuine one. The fake fabric on the right appears « grainy, » whereas the real one on the left seems much smoother.

Final Verdict

Always purchase Moncler from a reputable retailer. If you believe that the price is too great to be real, then it’s just too amazing to be authentic. Certain department stores and websites (such as Ssense) will place Moncler on sale at the end of December or mid-January, So if you’re able to be patient, wait for the price to drop by 40-50%.

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