David Beckham hands an Instagram account to a Ukrainian doctor.

On Sunday, the former England captain David Beckham handed control of his Instagram account to a Ukrainian doctor in Kharkiv. of Kharkiv.

Dr. Iryna, the head of the regional perinatal center, was busy posting videos of the work medical professionals were carried out during the conflict.

Films showed babies being treated and an underground area where patients were evacuated to avoid shells.

Beckham 46 has more than 70 million users on Instagram.

Former Manchester United and Real Madrid player said he wanted to emphasize the « amazing work Iryna and health workers like her are doing to save lives in Ukraine ».

Dr. Iryna She also managing the center serves as a pediatric anesthesiologist. She was stated that her work was « 24/7 » since the Russian invasion of Russia.

« The first days were the most difficult. We had to learn how to work with bombings and strikes, » she explained.

« We are probably risking our lives but we don’t think about it at all. We love our work. Doctors and nurses here, we worry, we cry but none of us will give up. »

Kharkiv is the second-largest city and was the subject of Russian shelling for over three weeks.

Dr. Iryna explained that on the very first day of the war, all women who were pregnant and their mothers were transferred to an underground area within the center.

« It was a terrible three hours that we spent together, » she said.

She also said that children receiving intensive care needed to be kept upstairs as the life-saving equipment upon which they relied were not able to be removed.

Beckham has also urged his fans to donate to Unicef, the UN aid organization for which he is an ambassador.

He and his wife Victoria were, one of the singers in Spice Girls, have donated PS1million. Spice Girls are reported to have donated PS1million to fund the organization’s work in Ukraine.

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