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The environmental blog network Simple Earth Media has a great collection of eco-friendly products. Think-Ets, activity rugs, and other eco-friendly playthings are all great options for your little green thumb. Read about the Leave no child inside rally and the Let’s G.O. (Get Outside) movement. Then, visit these eco-friendly products and start creating a green, eco-friendly home.


The Think-Ets eco child’s toys are a great choice for traveling, especially if you want your children to learn more about the environment while playing. These fun, creative pocket games are made up of a multitude of miniature trinkets, allowing for endless play possibilities. They also encourage creative thinking in children. The co-founders of the company, Teresa Derry and David Lapp, have received many positive reviews for the product.

Think-Ets activity rug

A green, multi-color kids area rug is available for purchase. If you want a rug with the same eco-friendly features but a different color theme, consider a Think-Ets activity rug for your child’s playroom. There are many advantages of buying an area rug for your child’s room. Whether you want a modern rug with a natural look or a more organic one with recycled materials, you’ll be glad you did!

If you’re concerned about your child’s health, consider buying an eco-friendly rug for their room. Synthetic primary materials include plastics and nylon, which are not only harmful to the environment, but are also laden with pesticides and agricultural chemicals. Unlike synthetic fibers, natural fibers are safer for children and the planet. They can be purchased online or from stores like Target and Walmart.

Leave no child inside rally

The Leave No Child Inside movement is a nationwide and international campaign to connect children with nature. The message of the rally is simple and echoes with nearly everyone. Parents and children are encouraged to get outside and play with nature every day, whether at home or at the park. The event was a success, with over 500 participants from many states and more than ten countries joining in. During the rally, speakers will share their stories of connecting children to nature.

The Nature Center is a member of the Chicago Wilderness consortium, a group of over 200 organizations that seeks to protect Chicago’s natural areas, promote environmental education, and enhance the quality of life for local residents. The group supports outdoor programs and provides educators with workshops. The rally also features a silent auction, which raises funds for the Chicago Wilderness’s environmental education programs. To learn more about the organization and to get involved, visit their website.

This campaign has the potential to challenge deeply-entrenched beliefs. Oftentimes, education reforms are test-centric, which is not good for children. The Leave No Child Inside movement is a critical tool for challenging the status quo. In addition to reclaiming playgrounds, it also challenges entrenched conceptions. For example, if we think that schools should be more natural, we would see more students playing outdoors and interacting with nature. This campaign’s focus on play and outdoor recreation has the potential to change education reform.

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