Jett Travolta’s Last Act

Jett Travolta suffered a seizure in Grand Bahama Island when he hit his head on the bathtub. The incident occurred at the Old Bahama Bay hotel. When a maid noticed that Jett was unconscious, she raised the alarm. Initially, John Travolta suspected wrongdoing in his son’s treatment. He also accused ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne of blackmail. The extortion attempt was denied by John Travolta’s lawyer.

Paramedic accused of plotting to extort $25 million from Travolta after son’s death

Two alleged conspiracy suspects pleaded innocent to charges of extortion. Tarino Lightbourne and Pleasant Bridgewater allegedly threatened John Travolta and the Travolta family with a document containing confidential information. Both defendants pleaded not guilty in October. A Bahamian MP suggested the jury acquitted one of them.

The blackmail plot centered around the release form, which was signed by Travolta upon his son’s unresponsiveness. The actor had signed a document releasing emergency responders from liability and instructed his nanny to get Jett treated in a local hospital instead of a hospital in Florida. In addition, the actor wanted the family to fly Jett to Florida for treatment, but the plane wasn’t available.

The case against the actor is expected to conclude later this month. The judge erred on the side of caution and announced that a retrial will be held on the case. In the meantime, Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, will not testify. During the trial, the two men will be sentenced. Neither will face jail time for the crimes.

Despite his plea of innocence, the prosecutor’s office is refusing to release Lightbourne on bail. The prosecutor has objected to the extortion charges. Prosecutors have yet to release details of the extortion plot. Meanwhile, Lightbourne has said he will continue to fight for his freedom and the rights of the family.

The case against Lightbourne stems from his treatment of Jett’s death, which happened in the family’s home on Jan. 2, 2001. Travolta, meanwhile, says he did not know his son was autistic and was suffering from seizures. Lightbourne told the trial that he knew he was being manipulated, but did not know that he was. He urged Travolta to speak with a psychiatrist and seek legal advice.

A former senator, Pleasant Bridgewater, is now on trial on charges of extortion after a paramedic treated Jett. Bridgewater allegedly offered $15 million to Lightbourn in exchange for the destruction of the document, which he claimed had been signed by Jett. The former attorney of Travolta also contacted Lightbourn’s son’s mother, Jett’s father, in the United States, and asked him to make an official complaint. The Royal Bahamian police were not able to verify the document.

John Travolta’s lawyer denies extortion attempt

Yesterday, John Travolta’s lawyer testified in the Bahamian extortion trial. The actor was on trial after his son, Jett, died of a seizure last January. The alleged extortionists were former Bahamas Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater and paramedic Tarino Lightbourne. Both are on trial for their role in the case.

According to the paramedic’s account, the actor and his team wanted to fly their son to a medical facility in Florida. Instead, Jett was transported to a local hospital 15 minutes away. The ambulance driver denied that he extorted the Travoltas, but the case went to trial. It is unknown if the alleged blackmailers contacted the Travoltas’ lawyers or the ambulance driver.

After three weeks of testimony, John and Jett’s lawyers shifted gears and presented their sides of the story. The defence attorneys argued that Lightbourne had threatened to sell stories that implicated Travolta in Jett’s death. They claimed the stories were worth $US25 million. The defense lawyers argued that the ambulance driver’s actions were akin to extortion.

The trial began in March 2013, and the extortion attempt was launched a year later. The two men, Travolta and Lightbourne, have denied extortion in the case. They denied attempting to extort Travolta and Jett’s death, but Travolta’s lawyer has since disputed the story. He maintains that Lightbourne and Travolta « cornered » him and threatened to sell his stories to the media. The trial continues in June.

While John Travolta’s lawyers have denied that his client tried to extort Jett, their client still stands accused of setting up the trial. The actor’s lawyer also claims that the actor’s attorneys set up the case and tried to discredit her credibility. In the end, the jury was convicted of extortion but the defence still has the burden of proof.

After his son died in 2009, John Travolta was plagued with blackmail accusations. Many people assumed that the actor was responsible for Jett’s death. He denied the accusations, but the paramedic had threatened the actor’s son by selling his story to the media. But he had no proof of any criminal activity. He also denied that he and his daughter were the victims of an extortion attempt.

Family of Jett Travolta

The death of Jett Travolta in 2009 stunned the world. He was only 16 years old and suffered from autism and Kawasaki syndrome, which causes blood vessels to become inflamed. Tragically, Jett passed away in his bathtub on his last day on earth. His parents, Kelly Preston and John Travolta, have vowed to continue the fight against autism and other forms of mental illness. However, many in Hollywood still believe Jett had autism.

The children were the focus of Travolta’s life. Ella, 21, and Ben, 9, were his priority. Since his wife’s death, he has focused his attention on the children. They both starred in Super Bowl ads for Miracle-Gro and Scott’s Lawn. Recently, the family expanded their brood to include a cat named Benjamin. The children have been able to spend time together and spend time at home.

After Jett’s death, John Travolta has been dogged by conspiracy theories. One theory involves a blackmail plot involving the actor. However, Travolta and Preston are avoiding such rumors and have continued to pay tribute to their son. They shared a picture of Jett on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2.

The family of Jett Travolta have publicly supported Ella’s role in an upcoming film. While they are supportive of her acting career, they are also trying to move forward with the upcoming film. Until recently, the Travolta family had been reluctant to speak about the extortion case involving a former Bahamian senator. The actor’s former co-star Tarino Lightbourne had allegedly demanded $25 million from Jett’s family in exchange for information on his son’s death. After a mistrial, the case was retried and a new trial is planned.

As a father, John Travolta is still deeply affected by his son’s death. The actor was only 16 years old when he died while on vacation with his family in the Bahamas. In addition to being a beloved son, Jett was also a highly acclaimed celebrity. His death enraged many people who loved him. It is no wonder his father was so close to his son. The tragic death of Jett Travolta is a heartbreaking loss for the entire family.

Career slump after Saturday Night Fever and Grease

After the huge success of Saturday Night Fever and Grease, Travolta’s career took a slight dip. He had a few hits, including a hit single in July 1976 called « Let Her In. » He also starred in a few films and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for Saturday Night Fever. However, his career was far from over.

In the early ’80s, John Travolta was not as successful. He had a less-than-stellar career, but a recent revival has restored him to Hollywood royalty. As a result, Travolta’s comeback has made him one of the last movie stars in the golden age. He’s still one of the few movie stars that’s still relevant, but he’s no longer the star of tomorrow.

Although he was no longer as successful as his earlier films, his career had reached a low point after Grease and Saturday Night Fever. John Travolta was accused of sexually assaulting a waitress during a Grease rehearsal, but the charges were dropped after a mistrial. His daughter, Kirstie Alley, has been talking about her love for dancing movies and has praised Travolta as a leading man in them.

After Saturday Night Fever and Grease, John Travolta’s mid-career slump began to wane. He was cast in a heroin-abusing hitman in the film Pulp Fiction and he expressed gratitude to Quentin Tarantino for casting him in such a character. The success of Pulp Fiction secured Travolta his second Oscar nomination. Despite not winning the Oscar, he continues to attract offers. In the 1990s, he also appeared in several films including Get Shorty (1995), Face/Off (1997) and A Civil Action.

After Grease, the movie ‘American Crime Story’ was a major box office disappointment. After Saturday Night Fever and Grease, Travolta continued to act in movies, but in more obscure roles. His recent projects include Swordfish (2002), Basic (2003), and In a Valley of Violence (2016). He has also continued his producing efforts. In 2017, he starred as a lawyer in American Crime Story as the character Robert Shapiro.

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