The EU would like to include an age limit of 9 months for the eligibility of vaccines for entry.

This year, when the EU opened its doors to vaccine-free travelers following more than an entire year of closing borders. Numerous countries were allowed to reopen without fear of disruption due to a digital COVID Certificate rollout, and more than 65 million certificates have been issued as of this summer.

However, the battle to stop the COVID-19 epidemic isn’t finished. This morning, the EU Commission has made public that it’s looking into the possibility of a nine-month mandate for vaccine validity for those traveling since COVID-19-related cases are increasing across Europe.

The nine-month timeframe is based upon the guidance from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), offering three more months in addition to the current recommendation to receive booster shots six months after the previous dose.

« We have vaccinated over 65% of the total EU population, but this is not enough, » stated Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety for the EU Commission. « There are still a large number of people not covered. To ensure that everyone can be safe to travel and be in the most secure way possible and enjoy our lives, we must reach significant increases in vaccination rates as soon as we can. »

The idea is twofold: it encourages those not vaccinated to get their first dose and those who are vaccine-free to have boosters when they are easily accessible.

Didier Reynders, the Commissioner for Justice Reynders, Commissioner for Justice, stated, « Based upon our shared tool that is that is the EU Digital COVID Certificate, which has now become a standard, we’re moving towards a « person-based » method. Our primary goal is toprevent diverging policies across all of the EU. »

Suppose you’re the owner of a current EU Digital COVID Certificate. In that case, The EU Commission suggests that you do not have to take additional tests or undergo quarantine within the EU as per this person-based approach. If you do not possess an official certificate, you could be required to take a COVID-19 test before or following your arrival.

However, the Commission has not taken an unambiguous position yet regarding the legitimacy of booster vaccinations. « Given the latest research findings that are emerging, it is possible that the benefits of booster vaccinations could last longer than the protection resulted from the initial vaccination program. The Commission will closely examine new scientific evidence that is emerging regarding this subject. Based on this evidence the Commission might, if required recommend an appropriate acceptance period for certificates for vaccinations issued following the booster. »

The EU Commission will provide additional guidance by January. 10th, 2022and we will keep you posted if a nine-month timeframe is required for admission in the EU.

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