Pregnant Barbie Dolls

pregnant barbie dolls

Considering purchasing a set of pregnant Barbie dolls? There’s a lot to consider, including the controversial Midge doll and the Happy Family line. This article will explain what is at stake in these matters. We’ll also discuss the controversy surrounding C-sections. Ultimately, you’ll have a better understanding of the issues surrounding this toy category. We hope this article will help you make the right choice.

Midge dolls

Dolls called Midge are very popular among young girls and can be a good choice if you want your daughter to have a real baby. These toys are made to look like Barbie’s baby bump, and they are a great way to help your daughter get familiar with her new role. Barbie dolls are also great for little girls because they give them realistic body shapes and expressions. Midge dolls are also known as « pregnant Barbie dolls. »

The original Midge doll was released in 1963 and was a freckle-faced redhead. She was introduced as a friend and family member to Barbie, who had only been around for four years. In 1991, Midge married boy-doll Alan and gave birth to a baby boy named Ryan. Her baby was easy to clean despite the pregnancy. Midge is also famous for her magnetic stomach.

Midge was also available in the original Happy Family series. Midge is pregnant in the Happy Family series, but it was unknown if her baby would be male or female. However, she did have another child that she gave birth to, but there are no known details about it. Midge dolls are often sold for less than $100 on eBay or Amazon. In the last 30 days, one model sold for $150 and another was sold for $129, so they can be considered a great value.

Happy Family line dolls

If you’re looking for a pregnancy-themed Barbie, consider the Happy Families line. This line of Barbie dolls features a pregnant Midge and her baby. This particular doll has been pulled from Wal-Mart shelves across the nation. While Midge looks happy and healthy, she’s pregnant. Unlike other Barbie dolls, Midge is not intended for small children. To avoid tampering with children’s toys, be sure to check out all of the other options available.

The Happy Family line is one of Barbie’s best friends. She has been married for a while, but she still has a baby inside her belly. When Midge became pregnant, she opened her belly and revealed the baby inside. The Happy Family line of dolls includes Midge and her husband Alan, as well as their two children, Cassandra and Nikki. While she’s still young, she is the proud mother of a baby boy!

Another set in the Happy Families line is a baby. This is a gift set for Barbie dolls that can be used to simulate a baby. The babies are also a special treat for your child. Despite its title, it’s not clear what makes the Happy Family line so special. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth a try. You might even like one of the newest dolls in the Happy Family line, like Midge and Alan.


If you’re pregnant and want to show your children the process of childbirth, you might want to consider buying a doll that has a « C-section. » This kind of doll isn’t actually related to the Mattel brand, but it’s still a fun way to explain how labor and delivery work. Pregnant Barbie dolls come with a removable bump from which you can take a baby.

While Barbie has never been pregnant, the 1960s version of the doll, called « Midge, » was sold as a pregnant one. Since then, however, the doll has been used to demonstrate birthing positions and labour comfort techniques with her husband, Ken, or a doula. But there are still many concerns. If you have a real baby on the way, you might want to wait until 39 weeks to schedule a c-section.

Some women prefer to have a « gentle » C-section, called a natural or gentle C-section. This type of procedure allows a mother and her child to enjoy more family moments during childbirth and postpartum. It also enables the mother to breastfeed the baby. While you’re numbed from the waist down, you can still see your baby, as a curtain will cover your belly.

Controversy surrounding pregnant barbie dolls

Pregnant Barbie dolls have been a source of controversy for years. The popular doll is usually packaged alone, but there are also versions that come with a removable baby. Some people are against pregnant Barbie because they believe they are encouraging teen pregnancy. However, the controversy over pregnant Barbie dolls has nothing to do with the doll itself. Here are the facts about the controversial dolls. First, there is Midge Hadley, the pregnant Barbie doll. She married Allan Sherwood in 1991 and gave birth to her daughter Nikki in 2002.

However, Mattel has not backed down from these accusations. The company denied that it was a bad idea, arguing that the doll was not based on real life. Critics argued that the doll was promoting a false body image and unhealthful beauty standards. This led Mattel to hire a « Freudian-influenced » marketing man, who was also unapologetic about the scandal.

Another controversial pregnancy Barbie doll was introduced in 2002. Designed with a removable baby bump, she could be removed by children and delivered by the doll. Several parents complained about this controversial doll, while others said it was cute and fun. The doll also caused a flurry of debate. The doll was widely criticized for encouraging teen pregnancy. In addition to these issues, the Barbie brand has also been accused of contributing to gender stereotypes and body image issues.

History of Midge dolls

The history of Midge dolls dates back to the 1960s. She was first introduced to the market with a very similar appearance to Barbie, but without freckles. In the 1960s, this doll became a popular playmate for Barbie. She went through the same transformations as Barbie, from blonde to brunette and from skinny to tall. Then, in 1965, the company introduced bendable Midge dolls. Later, they also included a newborn baby and became more popular.

The original 1958 Midge was an 11-inch doll. The new molds came a few years later, and they were limited to the Japanese market. Moreover, the Diva mold was released in 1985 and the Steffie mold in 1971. Then, in the late 1990s, a new mold was created, based on the original, and Midge appeared in the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse webseries. While the Happy Family canon was dropped because of the controversy, two Midge dolls were released in 2013, one of which was a collector’s set with Barbie, and the other as a standalone doll from the Life in the Dreamhouse doll line.

Midge dolls were produced from 1963 to 1967. The first versions had blue eyes and coral lips. They came in different hair colors – brunette, blonde, and titian. There were also versions with freckles. There was also an unhappy family version. Although there was a lot of controversy surrounding these dolls, they were eventually discontinued. However, it is not clear if any Midge dolls were produced after 1967.

Current availability of Amazon’s Midge doll

Mattel introduced the first Midge doll in 1963. Midge was a freckle-faced redhead who quickly became one of Barbie’s best friends. She joined the Barbie family and was soon married to boy-doll Alan. The couple’s baby boy, Ryan, was born in 1992, and they share a beautiful house in Willows, Wisconsin. The new Midge doll features a detachable magnetic stomach and a baby bump.

During the early years of the Barbie line, Midge was one of the most popular friends of the blonde princess. It was a time when Mattel was trying to branch out and add friends to the already popular doll. Perhaps she was lonely. The original face of Midge is classic and creepy, unlike the happy family version. But Midge was also one of the first Barbie dolls to have a hairdo. It was popular to pretend to style the hair of this doll, as the eighties were known for big hair.

Although the Midge pregnant Barbie doll is not a bona fide Barbie doll, it does have a unique story. The doll was created to look like a real pregnant woman. The original version of the doll, known as « Totally Hair Barbie, » was sold more than 10 million times worldwide. Mattel recalled the doll a few years later, but the resulting pregnancy piqued the interest of many fans.

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