Mother Knows Best Lyrics

mother knows best lyrics

If you’re looking for some new movie soundtracks, you might want to check out the Mother Knows Best Lyrics from the animated movie Tangled. This song was sung by Donna Murphy. What are the lyrics to the song? And why are they a favorite of kids and parents? Find out in this article. And, don’t forget to check out our other Tangled movie reviews! We’ve got a few of our favorites!


« Mother Knows Best » is a song featured in the 2010 Disney animated feature film Tangled. The song is composed by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater, and was originally performed by Donna Murphy, who portrays Mother Gothel. The song features passive-aggressive insults that serve as antagonistic warnings to Rapunzel, who wishes to see the floating lanterns and exploit her magical hair regenerating powers.

This enduring classic song was written by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. The film’s directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno requested that the song be in the style of a musical. The song was sung by Donna Murphy, who earned rave reviews for her vocal performance. This song is an iconic Disney song and the perfect soundtrack to the movie. While the lyrics are not particularly difficult to understand, the message behind the song is universal and timeless.

Descendants 2

The first two films of the Descendants franchise are centered around the musical fantasy movie. Both films were directed by Kenny Ortega and co-written by Sara Parriott and Josann McGibbon. The second film follows the characters of Jay and Carlos and their friends from Auradon, a magical island. The second movie, which is set in the same world, takes place after Mal makes a promise to save the Isle children from the Villains.

The first Descendants film introduced the world, the relationships between the characters and the villains, and the storyline of battling morals. While it provided a good amount of entertainment, it was lacking in other areas, including its storyline. In the sequel, the characters grew closer and the plotline increased in pace. However, the music was still cheesy, and the movie lacked the humour and magic wand that made the first Descendants so beloved.

The musical explores the thoughts of Disney villains, and the storyline follows a similar pattern. The musical is an imaginative interpretation of a classic tale by Dodie Smith. In the film, the Dalmatians, Pongo and Missis, live in London. As a result, they are often called « mother knows best » by their owner. It is the climax of the film and the sequel is expected to hit theaters in the summer of 2019.

The second Descendants movie has some memorable musical moments. The movie’s theme of « mother knows best » is repeated throughout the movie. Uma’s letter explains the conditions of the Isle, and she also explains the reasons she is so angry with the Core Four VKs and the way they treat the other VKs. While in Hades’ lair, Mal and Celia hear a dog barking in a record. The sound sounds like a record playing on a phonograph.

The song’s lyrics are a teasing nod to the villain parent’s relationship with their children. Maleficent is the sexiest of the three, and the villain’s parents are both hammered to a comic extent. Interestingly, Mal’s staff resembles the one from the 2014 film. The movie has a variety of references to the Disney Animated Canon.

A song based on the classic « Mother Knows Best » theme is another popular Descendants song. In the film, Celia first works with tarot cards to help Ben. This character is a grandparent, and she reprimands Audrey repeatedly for refusing to marry Ben to save the family. Ultimately, Mal apologizes to Audrey and takes down the barrier on the Isle.


« Descendants of Mother Knows Best » is a Disney Channel original film that stars a young cast. Although it doesn’t have the wacky charm of its predecessors, this movie does feature some nice moments. The story is centered around the Decendants, who aren’t necessarily bad by nature. But they’ve been shaped by their parents’ bad choices and are ultimately tools for the villains.

The song « Mother Knows Best » is a classic from the Disney film Tangled. It is sung by Mother Gothel to persuade Rapunzel to trust her judgement. It was sung by Donna Murphy and Mandy Moore. The song also appeared on the film’s Original Soundtrack, and additional lyrics were included. If you’ve ever wanted to see the film version, here are some fun facts:

The Descendants of Mother Knows Best animated film was a huge success. The original film was produced by Disney and was their 50th animated feature film. This film starred two of the main antagonists, Mother Gothel. Gothel is an evil witch who holds a dark secret and uses children for her own ends. She is portrayed by Donna Murphy and is feared by children and is the mother of Gabe and Mimi.

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