Natural Weed Killers

Natural Weed Killer in your Garden

None can bear the smell of weeds growing in their gardens. We want the garden to have exactly the plants we have planted. But with weeds in your garden, they will block the plants you want to be there, and consume a lot of sunlight, nutrients, and water. However, nowadays, we’ve been educated about the benefits of removing as many chemical substances out of our lives as possible. Although we are aware that the « Round-Up » vs. « Homemade Weed Killer’ argument is valid with both sides. Yet, it is preferable to stick to the side of caution and use a natural weed killer as much as possible. It’s not only your pets, you, and kids who are exposed to the chemicals, but also other bumblebees and songbirds.

If you’re not willing to invest in chemicals to kill weeds, there are some natural weed killers to use. Lemon juice, for instance, is a fantastic herbicide; however, you can mix it with water. Borax is an alkaline compound that binds to roots that are bare shrubs and weeds. If you’re trying to grow lemon trees or simply seeking a more sustainable method to eliminate ivy that has escaped, vinegar, pre-emergent herbicide and borax are your answers. So, you’re interested, will take a look at these homemade natural weed-killer recipes to get ready for the weed season.


We came across this simple homemade recipe for natural weed killer at ‘ Save Cents by cent.’ This is a well-known recipe for killing weeds with no chemical substances if cautions are taken. Using dish soap and vinegar is an excellent herbicide on its own. Vinegar can also be a natural herbicide. Twenty percent Acetic acid remains the best type of vinegar to use. It is possible to use table salt or Epsom salt. When you’ve got your mix, shake it vigorously. Allow it to sit for about one hour, then add dish soap and mix it gently, and you’re set to spray! You could also use a spray bottle to accomplish this or put the mix directly on the plant’s leaves.

By adding salt, you can have an effect on the soil and make it harder to cultivate things there later. So, if you’re eliminating weeds in areas you want no growth, then go ahead and apply the salt. But if you wish to plant it again, release the salt or use it only in a limited amount. This natural weed killer control spray is best applied under the full sun during a hot day, and it’s most effective on young plants. Learn more about the recipe in the tutorial and get helpful ideas. If not, here’s the general formula to make larger batches of this effective recipe.

A Good Recipe for Vinegar Natural Weed Killer

1 Gallon White Vinegar

A Tablespoon Liquid Dish Soap or Vegetable Oil

1 Cup Salt (in case you don’t intend to replant the area)


Borax is a weed killer that we can use on lawns, but be cautious when using it. If you use too much, it can cause harm to other vegetation. Commonly used to kill « Creeping Charlie » or « Ground Ivy, » the US Department of Agriculture recommends this recipe for covering 11,000 square feet of lawn. Borax solutions can eliminate insects! Look up  » The Gardening Cook » to see the use of borax spray for natural weed killer.

1 Cup Powdered Borax

2 Gallons Water


Salt has always been considered a reliable method to get rid of weeds on the sidewalks. Did you know that mixing salt with boiling water can be an effective method? Keep in mind the previous warnings about using salt. Salt and boiling water can harm any plant, which is why it’s an excellent solution for the sidewalk or driveway. Another tip: Using a tea kettle rather than a circular one can make pouring boiling water onto the weeds more secure and easier due to the kettle’s spout. Courtenay from the show ‘The Creek Line House’ used salt for her pathways, and it worked well. Please take notes of her priceless pieces of advice onkilling weeds using salt.

Two Quarts of Boiling Tap Water

Teaspoon – Tablespoon Salt


Suppose you’d like to stop the growth of weeds before it emerges. In that case, you can purchase a pre-emergent herbicide, such as  » Preen. » You can also sprinkle corn meal over the area to prevent the seedlings of weeds from germinating. Remember that the natural weed killers pre-emergent cannot kill weeds after they start to grow; therefore, it is better to apply them in the springtime, especially at the beginning of spring. (Note that if you choose to go with the supermarket  » Preen, » Make sure to purchase the one specifically designed for garden vegetables only if you are looking for the corn meal in its pure form. The other types contain chemicals that can kill weeds.) 


The best natural herbicides are frequently neglected. They are certainly non-toxic ones.

Torching plants as a natural weed killer

Make use of a torch to eliminate plants in pathways and areas you do not want plants to flourish. Be careful while doing so!

A Natural Weed killer by Pulling

The much-disliked yet old-fashioned method of control of weeds is pulling them. Make sure to take off the roots, particularly on perennial weeds, which come again each year.

Beheading as a natural weed killer

This could be an excellent measure to control the situation, particularly with dandelions. The longer they’re allowed to germinate the worse the problem is. However, if you don’t have enough time to pull your lawn, do prevent them from spreading. Take a few of the flower heads as quickly as they begin to appear, you can stop them from flourishing.


If you’ve got lots of weeds, try to trim them to a lower extent and make sure they are as short as possible. Cover the area with mulch that is 2-3 inches thick. If you can eliminate the whole area, do cover the mowed weeds with newspaper or plastic and let them vanish. The process is pretty long-lasting; it could take weeks if not months. This is an excellent alternative if you wish to plant sod in an area filled with weeds since it kills seedlings of weeds and allows the other plants to flourish after removing the mulch.

Using ground covers

If you have enough space, you can use a ground cover plant to cover the area to eliminate weeds. Keep in mind that when you are trying to eradicate the weeds, it is essential to initially provide your plants with some help. The only way ground cover will win the battle is to do a hand-pull for a while so that they can take over the grass. It is absolutely an effective natural weed killer.

Letting your lawn grow taller

Letting your lawn to grow is another natural weed killer. An effective way to deal with lawn weeds is to allow your lawn to rise as high as your mower can bear. This will enable the lawn to cover the ground and keep out the seeds of weeds. The lawn also grows taller roots, and the top will be thicker, allowing it to block out the growth of new plants.


Learn how to make an effective and safe homemade natural weed killer and include an additional tool in your garden. You’re now on your way to creating a kid-friendly and pet-safe garden! Be aware that if a spray kills weeds, it could also kill other plants, so be cautious even when using the natural weed killer!

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