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IHome speaker devices have become one of the top Bluetooth and smart gadgets manufacturers. It is widely recognized as the company that makes some of the most striking audio and creative Bluetooth Ihome speakers on the market.

While certain iHome devices are built to use Apple iPads or iPhones, there are devices accessible to every Android phone or tablet. There are also Ihome speakers for Windows or Apple computers and other devices that can be Bluetooth compatible. Additionally, their sound quality, design, engineering, and features become alternatives for Android, Windows computers, and Apple devices.

In this guide, childrensarea.net will provide you with more information about Ihome speaker devices. It will also show you simple, step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to connect your IHome speaker.  You can connect your Ihome speaker to any other device, such as Android, Apple iOS device, or Windows or Apple computer.  

How Much Does an Ihome Speaker Cost?

The prices of an Ihome speaker vary depending on its quality and brand. All in all, prices are, comparatively with the quality Ihome speakers offer, reasonable. Generally speaking, IHome Bluetooth speakers are priced between $20 and $1000. However, for those who want the basics of a Bluetooth speaker, the price range of $20 to $100. Speakers that are affordable and feature LED displays, color-changing features, voice control, and with lower features cost $20 to $60. At the same time, Speakers with AI-related assistance and other advanced features cost $60 to $100. Speakers priced between $100 and $500 may feature premium speaker features like subwoofers, mirrors, and so on.

What’s the Ihome Speaker Connecting?

The Bluetooth connection refers to communication among two Bluetooth devices. To complete the Ihome speaker connectivity, you have to first register each device’s data to the other. Once you have connected the devices the first time, there’s no requirement to repeat the pairing procedure to connect the devices again. Connecting two Bluetooth devices is similar to making calls. Similar to how you could call someone when you know the phone number of one another. You can connect two devices if they’ve been linked and store each other’s pairing details.

In simple words, « pairing » is connecting your Bluetooth speaker (or any Bluetooth device) to an iPhone computer, tablet, or computer and another device so that they can wirelessly connect. In simple terms, « pairing » is the process of connecting your Bluetooth device.

How to Pair Ihome Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth pairing is simply a process of registration of information to connect devices. You can join the two by registering device information (pairing) among devices. To connect the Bluetooth device, you need to first pair it up with another Bluetooth device. It’s a little like trading phone numbers. Like how you exchange numbers with someone you wish to contact, pairing Bluetooth devices demands you to pair them and identify the pairing details for each gadget. After pairing the devices for the first time, there’s no need to repeat the pairing procedure. It is because each device has stored the required information and can connect.

Bluetooth pairing is easy to accomplish but following clear and precise guidelines to pair the Bluetooth speaker to the phone, tablet, or computer can make the process easier.

Before You Start

Ensure that the speaker is powered up before connecting to « pair » your iHome Bluetooth speaker to your Smartphone or laptop.

It’s simple for you to hook up to the USB cable directly to your PC’s USB port or smartphone’s charger. You have to connect it directly to the IHome speaker. The cable comes with two ends, a USB plug on one end and a Micro USB socket on the second. The bigger USB plug plugs into the laptop and a smaller USB plug to connect the device. A micro USB plug is to plug into the IHome speaker audio system.

If you are using your phone’s or tablet’s charging device, make sure you connect it to an operating AC electrical outlet. Additionally, when setting up your Ihome speaker through your computer, do power on your computer to charge the speaker. It will finish charging after approximately 4 – 6 hours. It is going to stop flashing when the battery is full. Certain types of iHome Bluetooth System Speakers include batteries. It is possible to press the button for two seconds after you power on the device. A voice emanating from the speaker can inform you about the battery’s charge level.

Home Bluetooth Problems with Pairing Speakers and Troubleshooting

After following the steps above, if your IHome Bluetooth speaker isn’t able to connect to with the Bluetooth gadget or you are unable to hear any sound coming from the speaker, here are some important troubleshooting tips:

  • First, make sure that the Bluetooth speaker is at the right distance.
  • Check that the audio system is charged and is « discoverable. »
  • Ensure that Bluetooth is on via your smartphone, computer, or other devices.
  • It is essential to ensure that the volume is sufficient to allow you to hear.
  • You must ensure that you listen to songs on your laptop or on different devices.
  •  Make sure you have a music player that the device comes with to control volume.
  • Examine if another Bluetooth device is linked to or streaming music from the speaker.
  • If the Bluetooth isn’t functioning, turn your device, phone, or tablet’s Bluetooth off and back on, and if needed, restart it. Also, restart your iHome Bluetooth speaker.

What do people think of Ihome speaker?

Review 1

The Ihome speaker is well worth the cost. Since it is usually close to me, I only listen to very moderate volume levels to music. The speaker performs pretty well since you can control your device’s volume. It is pretty clean with minimal noise when you turn down the volume. However, classical music occasionally have a bit more depending on music volume levels within the composition. Ihome speaker Bluetooth plays at higher volume levels, with preserved sound quality. The Ihome speaker is tiny, stylish, and easy to transport. I’ve repeatedly transferred my mobile closer or farther away, played with it, and so on.

Furthermore, I’ve had no problems with battery life. If you’re looking to purchase an affordable Bluetooth speaker, think of Ihome speaker. It gives you alternatives that are not Bluetooth to play at lower volumes.

Review 2

Ihome speaker has excellent sound quality, decent volume, and no distortion. It is easy to use and has a long battery life between recharges.

I’ve only experienced the volume drop several times, but re-doing pairing solved the problem. My specific usage of my phone could have caused this issue since I use my iPhone to print on the air. In the air as personal hot spots, linking directly to Apple TV, and more. It’s nice to work on a project and listen to music and hear the phone ring through the speaker to be an attention-grabbing device even though I’m far from the phone. It’s not expensive and easy to transport. I honestly don’t have much concern for it in any way.

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