Who’s in the What Women Want Cast?

what women want cast

If you’re a woman who’s wondering what women want in men, you’re not alone. There’s a big ensemble cast on What Women Want, including Alan Alda, Bette Midler, Lisa Edelstein, and the gorgeous brunette Judy Greer. There’s also Eric Balfour (who plays Cameron). The man has played bad boy roles in countless TV shows throughout the last few decades, including six Feet Under.

Mark Feuerstein

Actor Mark Feuerstein was born in New York City. He is the son of Harvey Feuerstein and Audrey Feuerstein. His parents were lawyers and school teachers. He first became recognizable as a child actor in a 1993 episode of Sex and the City. Feuerstein studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art on a full-bright scholarship. His incredible earnings and lifestyle make him a desirable addition to any television family.

Firestein is a popular actor who has appeared in movies such as Prison Break and Royal Pains. He has also been an actor in the acclaimed television series 9JKL. He is American and belongs to the xudia ethnic group. He is married to Dana Klein, an executive producer of the show. He has publicly expressed his regret over the role. In addition, he is a proud father and has two daughters.

Before his Broadway debut, Feuerstein earned a reputation as a sitcom Kryptonite, due to his previous series’ failures. However, he has built an impressive career in a number of genres before he reached his 40th birthday. His Broadway debut was in The Last Night of Ballyhoo. His television credits include « Fired Up » and « Fired Up. » He has also had appearances on The West Wing, Caroline in the City, Good Morning Miami, and The West Wing.

The What Women Want cast listing includes the stars of the film, as well as all other movies he’s appeared in. Each actor’s listing will include a short bio and any other information they have. There’s also a link to their profile page, if they’ve appeared in other films. A good source to find out who else is in the What Women Want cast is « What Women Want ».

Alan Alda

Among the many actors who have appeared in the romantic comedy What Women Want is actor Alan Alda. This actor was 27 when he starred in the film. He received his first Academy Award nomination for the role. He has been in fourteen other films since the film, scoring a 6.2 on The Movie Database. In addition to his starring role in What Women Want, Alda has also acted in various other comedies.

The actor was born on January 28, 1936, in New York City. His parents, Robert and Joan, traveled the country to support his father’s burlesque career. His father used the stage name Robert Alda, combining the first two letters of Alfonso and D’Abruzzo. His mother, Joan, was a former beauty pageant winner. Her parents divorced when Alda was a child. Alda’s name is a portmanteau of his last and first names.

Alan Alda’s What Women Want cast is comprised of many famous actors. A look at the What Women Want cast will reveal the talented men and women who are a part of this romantic comedy. Alan Alda is a wonderful actor, and the supporting cast includes such celebrities as Sandra Bullock and Taraji P. Henson. The cast of What Women Want also includes actresses and directors, who have been in other movies as well.

As an actor, Alan Alda has an illustrious career that spans over several decades. In the 1980s, he won an Academy Award for his role in « M*A*S*H. » In addition to his award-winning roles in movies and television series, he has also won numerous awards. Among his many honors, Alda was nominated for six Golden Globes, five Primetime Emmys, and five People’s Choice Awards.

Sarah Paulson

The actress Sarah Paulson is no stranger to acting. In addition to her role in What Women Want, she has appeared in many films and on television. She has been in films such as The Glass Menagerie, The Cherry Orchard, and Deadwood. Among her other notable roles are in the movies The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the upcoming drama « The Good Girl. »

However, not everyone is pleased with her relationship status. After all, she was previously engaged to Cherry Jones. Paulson also dated John Malkovich in 2004, and he was married to Tracy Letts. But it wasn’t until 2015 that Paulson began dating Holland Taylor. In January 2019, the two won the « Love is Great » award at The Queerties. In addition to dating Holland Taylor, Sarah Paulson was named one of the year’s most stylish women by Net-a-Porter.

While Paulson is currently in the process of transitioning from actress to producer, her career is far from finished. Her long association with American Horror Story will remain with her. But she is happy to be a part of its cast. It may be the most successful series of her career, and she is a part of it. She enjoys the sense of family that the show’s cast fosters. There is even a movie about the actress’ relationship with her husband.

In addition to her work on the small screen, Sarah Paulson has starred in several critically acclaimed movies. Her most notable roles include Mary Lee in « Mud » in 2012, Mary Epps in « 12 Years a Slave » in 2013, and Abby Gerhard in « Carol » (2015). In addition to these films, Sarah Paulson will be seen in the upcoming film Mud.

Lisa Edelstein

While she’s primarily known for her work in comedy, Lisa Edelstein has also had a starring role in Daddy Day Care and ER. Edelstein’s television credits include ER, « Frasier », « What Women Want, » « Judge Amy, » and « The West Wing. » She’s also a featured actor on numerous shows, including the NBC sitcom « Fathers and Sons. » In 2000, she starred in Daddy Day Care and voiced Mercy Graves in the animated series Superman.

Born on May 21, 1966, Lisa Edelstein is a Gemini who was already doing voiceover work before becoming an actress. In the mid-1990s, her character appeared in nine episodes of Superman: The Animated Series. She was born in Beantown, the nickname for Boston, Massachusetts. She is the youngest of three children. She married actor Robert Russell in 2014 and has continued to work as a writer and performer since then.

Her childhood activism led to her acting career in comedy. She participated in numerous protests as a child, and was George’s only multiple-episode romantic interest. She disliked insecurity and complications in relationships. She has a net worth of $10 million as of March 2021. If you’re curious about Lisa Edelstein’s worth, you’ve come to the right place. She’s an accomplished actress and writer.

As an actress and writer, Lisa Edelstein has a long history of activism. She organized her first protest at age 16 while cheering for Donald Trump’s New Jersey Generals. She was outraged that cheerleaders were required to flirt in bars. She has since studied theater at NYU and authored the musical Positive Me, based on her experiences as a volunteer in the gay health crisis of the 1980s.

Loretta Divine

Award-winning actress Loretta Devine has earned recognition for her work in both film and theatre. Her dazzling southern charm and alluring demeanor have made her a favorite among fans. This May, she will play Naomi Marachond in the drama For The Love of Ruth. The drama is inspired by the biblical story of Ruth and aims to reveal the core values of love and family. A renowned actress, Devine is sure to make the audience laugh and cry as she portrays the title character.

Besides the movie’s stars, what makes the What Women Want cast so impressive? Not only do you get to see each member of the ensemble cast, but you’ll also get to know more about each individual. Clicking on each name will give you more information about the actor or actress, including their resume and other movie credits. This cast of actors and actresses has been in many other movies and TV shows, so you’ll find it hard to choose just one.

The ensemble cast of What Women Want features Jennifer Garner, who previously played nurse Hallie in the children’s series Doc McStuffins. In the upcoming sequel, the film will take a female perspective. It will star Taraji P. Henson and Cameron Diaz, among others. Another project based on the show is Aga Bai Arrecha!, which was a hit in Venezuela.

While Devine is a versatile actress, she is perhaps best known for her roles in movies and television. She starred alongside Whitney Houston in the 1995 film « Waiting to Exhale » and won the NAACP Image Award for Best Supporting Actress. In the 2010 remake of « For Colored Girls, » she declined the role, but re-enacted it in the Tyler Perry movie.

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