Tristan Forks: Second Boerne teenager is accepted to NASA program.

Boerne Independent School District has two students enrolled at NASA. In the last month, KENS 5 shared the story of Mia Shayesteh’s admission into NASA’s prestigious program.
Tristan Forks is a junior, as is Shayesteh At Boerne-Champion High School. Both have been accepted to NASA’s Texas High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) Program. KENS5’s Marvin Hurst shared Shayesteh’s success in our KENS 5 original series, Kids Who Make SA Great.
Forks are enrolled in AP Physics and AP Chemistry classes at BCHS. The school district has said that he will collaborate with NASA teams to address actual-world issues NASA engineers might confront, like drawing trajectories, and calculating risk.
The HAS program offers engaging lessons on NASA activities related to the exploration of space and technologies, earth science, and aeronautics.
Students are eager to tackle design challenges like 3D drawing as well as video production and interactive posters. In the course, they will also engage in conversations via chat with NASA scientists and engineers.
The program runs for an entire year. The initial four months are spent online, working on various tasks and projects they’ll submit. Forks and Shayesteh will take part in an online experience lasting five days and attend a two-day on-site trip to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston in the summer.
The students follow the steps of the juniors from last year’s BCHS, Jonathan Segura, Sy Gutierrez, and Tyler Dennis, who were also admitted to the same BCHS program.
The application for the program began in August. The deadline for applying typically falls in October every year.

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