The Parent Trap Soundtrack From the Olympics

parent trap soundtrack

The PyeongChang Olympic opening ceremony was magical. Not only did the opening ceremony feature amazing animation, but the soundtrack also included all kinds of music, from the classics to the current generation. One of the closing songs was The Parent Trap. If you’re not sure which song to listen to in the Olympics, here are a few suggestions. Hopefully one of them will appeal to you and your family. But which one will you choose?

Nat King Cole’s « L-O-V-E »

L-O-V-E is the final studio album by the legendary American singer Nat King Cole. This album, arranged by Ralph Carmichael, was released shortly before the singer’s death in February 1965. The songs on L-O-V-E are timeless and will live on for decades. Listen to the album to hear how much it meant to Cole and the rest of his fans.

Love is a timeless song from the 60s, with a strong blues influence. The song was originally the B-side of Nat King Cole’s 1964 Top 40 single. It grazed the bottom of the charts, but later became a focus of an entire Cole album. Recorded in December 1964, this album marked Cole’s last LP project before his death from lung cancer.

A jazz singer and pianist, Nat King Cole’s music career spans the years 1935 to 1965. He became a part of the legendary King Cole Trio, along with guitarist Oscar Moore and double bassist Wesley Prince. His career in jazz reached the peak during the 1940s, but he soon strayed to pop and became popular in the 1960s. His « L-O-V-E » album is a perfect example of the genre he mastered.

Shonen Knife’s « Soulful Strut »

The newest release from Japanese group Shonen Knife is titled « Overdrive. » This album pays homage to 70’s Hard Rock. In addition to its sexy theme, the album continues the band’s journey into food, fantasy, and everyday life in Osaka. This uplifting album is a must-have for Shonen Knife fans!

Naoko Yamano discovered the shonen naifu while attending college. She was a huge Ramones fan. The name, « shinen naifu », means boy knife, which implies cuteness while simultaneously denoting a lethal weapon. Hence, Yamano decided to make a multilingual compromise for the song’s name.

The songs on « Soulful Strut » have some of the same characteristics of early SK songs, which appeal to fans of self-aware rockers. The unpretentious melody and lyrics, ear for structure, and total fearlessness are all present. The song « Cobra versus Mongoose » is an example of this. The lyrics read similarly to « Antonio Baka Guy. »

The band’s sound is reminiscent of a late ’60s R&B trio. The band’s rap verses are also very catchy and reminiscent of the band’s previous hit, « Sweet Soul Revue. »

It’s no surprise that Americans are getting their claws on Shonen Knife. Knife has a much broader distribution in the States than in Japan. However, it’s worth noting that mixes in the U.S. and Japanese versions are far from identical. Songs like « The Moon World » and « Blue Oyster Cult » sound much better in the U.S. version.

Shonen Knife’s « Top of the World » was originally released in 1994 as a cover of The Carpenters’ hit song. The song was later included on the soundtrack of the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls. It was also used on many Microsoft commercials and even in a movie. It’s not hard to guess that this song has been covered by so many other artists.

Jakaranda’s « Never Let You Go »

If you love pop music, you probably know « Never Let You Go » by Jakaranda. This song is popular among many and was featured in the remake of the 1988 classic The Parent Trap. This song is a great example of an anthem with a strong emotional arc. The song focuses on the longing for true love and never letting go. The intro was taken from the 1985 song Life in a Northern Town.

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