the OPRAH-approved, viral AMAZON COAT is one of the most popular products I’ve ever purchased

There are many things I’ll purchase from Amazon without a second thought, such as the immediate Pot or a brand new blanket that is weighted or the tiny waffle maker. However, what about clothes or, in particular, a winter coat? It’s hard to be specific. There’s something about poor quality images and the price which make me question the worth of a pair of $5 shoes or a sweater that costs $8.

In this instance, the case of a one-of-a-kind parka for $139.

I was enthralled after watching the Orolay thick down jacket featured on Oprah’s list for her top things to do in 2019. It’s logical that if Oprah likes it, it shouldn’t be too bad, can it? There were some doubts, but being a self-described cat lover, I decided to test it out. The ideal scenario would be that I’d get a new coat that could compete with those of the expensive Canada Goose coats. What happens in the worst-case scenario? I’d lose just a few dollars.

I browsed my Orolay Amazon page (strewn with spelling and grammar mistakes), and I added an original jacket in dimension small into my shopping cart. Could I get the winter coat I had always wanted? I was eager to discover.

Why is everyone so obsessed with this coat? Amazon coat?

Oprah doesn’t have to be the only one who adores the Orolay down jacket. It has more than 7,000 glowing reviews on Amazon. In addition, it’s captured the hearts of many style bloggers and Instagram influencers. The Amazon coat has an Instagram account of its own with more than 4,000 followers (! ).

Based on the many 5-star reviews, customers love that the coat is inexpensive but of excellent quality. One reviewer wrote, « I have had every expensive brand name winter coat, but have never ever had one that has kept me this warm! » Bold praise for a jacket that costs less than the cost of a pair of AirPods.

What I love about the Amazon coat

When my new parka arrived, I had no (and I’m talking about very tiny) expectations. The moment I opened the box, I fell in love. From the first look, the outer fabric was soft and beautiful olive green. As I opened it, the parka was incredibly soft and looked highly high-end. My boyfriend even asked me, « Wow how much did you spend on that?! »

The story of love only got more intense when I tried the coat on. The coat is roomy and spacious and is perfect for slipping over the biggest winter coat. I also enjoy the sherpa-like liner on the inside of the hood. The inside of the down is warm without being too crowded, which I struggle with finding in winter jackets. For those who love pockets on the market (myself too! ), I recommend the Orolay jacket comes with six pockets, including two for your hands, which is always necessary, plus four smaller pockets that I used to keep my chapstick and phone.

I wore my parka for seven consecutive days. One of those days, it was raining–perfect to put my « waterproof » jacket to the test. It did well. The snowy mix slid from the coat’s surface and quickly dried after I had it inside. Not to be left out, the 2019 version of the coat features a zip on the side so that it can expand depending on how you move. I took it off when I was in the car, and it was much more comfortable and less restrictive than the typical parka.

What I do not like about the Amazon coat is that it's too bulky.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this Orolay jacket that will stop me from purchasing it once more. But, the only disadvantage is its weight. Although parkas are supposed to be hefty among the many I own, Orolay is the one I have. Orolay one is the largest and most significant. It’s essentially like wearing a down comforter–incredibly cozy but not exactly lightweight.

Does this coat from Amazon coat worth it?

I have incredibly high standards in regards to coats. This jacket is a perfect example of them. It not only looks great (I receive compliments each when I put it on! ) It’s also warm and comfortable. It’s a premium parka that people wouldn’t even know that it came from Amazon or cost less than $140.

The only thing to consider is how long it’ll last. I’m loving it currently. However, certain reviews on Amazon mention that the stitching is easily ripped after just a few uses. Although I’ve yet to encounter any issues, take be cautious! I’m still convinced that it’s a good investment–you’ll receive an exquisite (and warm) parka at a reasonable price, but you should be aware that it may not last as long and years as higher-end pieces of investment could.


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