THE MISSING : Bronx woman located at JFK in ‘Facebook’ case

The BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) – the disappearance of one Bronx woman got a new twist Saturday after her family members said the NYPD informed the family that Nairobi Encarnacion was found in John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday.
The sister of Encarnacion, Katie, has quoted the information she obtained via the Missing Persons Squad on Saturday: « On March 14th, at 5:10 p.m., Nairoby was stopped by U.S. Customs at the airport and told she was the subject of a missing persons investigation, » Katie Encarnacion told the news media. « She told the detective she was doing fine, » Katie’s sister said. « She doesn’t even want to talk to us. »
The confrontation with police at JFK occurred less than two hours after Nairoby’s profile photo on Facebook has been changed to show the photo from her « slasher » character in the Halloween horror films. Her cover photo was altered to show graveyards. In the past ten days, her daughters, mother, and sisters became increasingly worried by the troubling messages they were receiving through Facebook Messenger via her Facebook account.
One of them said, « Stop looking for her yall will never find her.. » and added that she won’t be found « till she becomes bones. »
The cryptic messages were sent before Nairoby’s questioning at JFK by a detective from the Missing Persons Squad.
The family suspects she could be with the « on and off » boyfriend in the Dominican Republic. He shared a picture about six weeks ago with Facebook with various drinks from the tropical region.
The sisters of Encarnacion have long been worried that her boyfriend could be exploiting the 37-year-old who has struggled with addiction issues in the past.
A sister, Amaris Cummins, said the situation became tense after Encarnacion and her partner began « flipping houses » in the Dominican Republic. Cummins stated that her boyfriend was sending naked photos from the girl to family members members, and the family was concerned that the man was trying to get her to trade.
Katie Encarnacion said she didn’t argue with her sister. The family was last seen together during Thanksgiving. « On December 12th, I was actually with her, » Katie Encarnacion said. « We spent the day together. »
The last time that Nairobi Encarnacion made an appearance on Facebook was December. 18 as per her relatives. One sister reported that her boyfriend shared a video on his Facebook page, showing the woman in a crowded room with cakes for her birthday and jewelry as she was singing »Happy Birthday for her.
PIX11 News reached out to the NYPD Public Information office about the issue, as the department had published a missing person’s photo on Saturday. They confirmed the fact that they had notified the family on March 19th.

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