The Last Golden Child

the last golden child

Despite her name, Loxy is not the pure Child of Golden Light. To defeat the towering titans that stand in her way, she must learn to channel the warmth of the sun. Bloodthirsty Giants and the ruthless God of the Gods, Odin, stand in her way, but Loxy pushes her body to the limits in hopes of becoming even half as strong as her sister.

Volt must uncover the secrets of his past to save humanity’s future

The world is in a dire state, and Volt must uncover the secrets of his past in order to save humanity. In order to do this, he must find the missing Kite master. The past of Volt is as mysterious as the present, and he must do so to prevent another catastrophe. This is the first of many books in this series, and Volt is sure to thrill fans.

So-Yeon fights against vengeful spirits

In The Wrath, So-Yeon is the third son of a family who had three sons. Two of them died in a wedding, but the third one is reincarnated as a vengeful spirit. The vengeful spirit attacks his family and targets the pregnant woman, who is the target of his malevolence. The harsh matriarch of the family and the conniving widows of the deceased sons make her the target of the spirit’s malevolence. As the teen tries to keep the village safe, she finds herself in the center of a spiritual and political battle.

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