The 4 Best Dog DNA Tests, Tested by Our Experts

DNA tests at home have become increasingly popular, and the reason is apparent. Everyone is interested in knowing every detail of their families’ past or discovering the hidden aspects of their family’s heritage. The services like 23andMe arouse our curiosity. However, think twice when you felt that it was the only thing you could do with DNA testing. It turns out there are many other services that stimulate curiosity relating to dogs.

You’re proud of your mixed breed puppy or a beloved rescue dog. You’ve probably been questioning yourself about the reason behind your dog’s genetics. The DNA tests for dogs can help you uncover the truth, discover vital health information, devise a more effective nutrition program, and find various relevant pieces of information.

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Our Best Choices

Best Overall: Embark Breed & Health Kit at Chewy

Created in collaboration with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark offers information that goes beyond your dog’s breed.

Best budget-friendly: DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Kit at Chewy

It is much cost-effective, and results are released after just one week.

The best for breeds that are mixed: Wisdom Health Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test at Amazon

In case you’ve any concerns or doubts following your results, the company is highly accommodating.

The best option for Purebreds: Embark Purebred DNA Test on Amazon

With more than 220,000 gene markers, Embark provides detailed information for purebred dogs.

Best Overall: Embark Breed & Health Kit

If you are looking for complete information about your pet, the Embark Breed & Health Kit is the best option. It’s developed in collaboration with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. With the Embark Breed & Health Kit, You’ll receive information about how your animal’s breeding breakdown and follow their genetic connection to great-grandparents.

There’s also a social aspect to this kit: You’ll be able to meet other owners of dogs that Embark has discovered share the same DNA as your dog. More than analyzing the DNA of your dog’s breed, Embark looks for health markers linked to genetics as well. You can view all the results in a well-designed dashboard on the Embark website or download a report. The report is helpful when sharing results with your veterinarian.

The process is easy and simple, starting by swabbing cheeks from your dog It is sent to Embark to be tested. The results will be available in about two to four weeks. While the wait can be long, Embark does a great job of providing updates on their progress that make their progress visible.

Reviewers are delighted with the findings and the customer service. The report provides detailed results and visually appealing and easy-to-follow charts of the findings. A few reviewers said that when they found out their dog revealed a worrying finding, the geneticist would reach out to them personally before reporting to discuss the implications.

Best Budget-Friendly: DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Kit

You no longer need to worry about the long waits and high costs of many DNA testing in dogs. This « DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Kit » could be the best option for you. The results are available within a week, and it is considerably less expensive.

Like different kits, you’ll swipe your dog’s cheeks to collect DNA. You’ll then mail the specimen in and later receive specific information about your dog’s ancestral lineage. The test will provide you with information about your dog’s breed and details on the dominant breeds your dog has and their associated traits and health concerns.

Best for Mixed Breeds: Wisdom Health Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test

The breed of your pet is mysterious, or you believe there may be several or unique breeds involved. So, Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit is what you look for. It tests for 350 breeds’ kinds and variations.

The testing process is easy; it comes with two DNA test sample swabs. You’ll need them to collect inside the mouth of your dog. The process could be more complex than it appears because you have to ensure that your dog is resting. In other words, your dog mustn’t chew, take a bite, lick or eat for several hours before taking the sample. After that, you’ll ship the sample to the lab using pre-paid postal service (also provided). In a lab, the DNA test will get analyzed for many markers that will allow you to determine the dog’s breed and ancestry. In about three weeks, you’ll get an email with the results of your dog’s tests.

The test results are precise, and the user interface is always simple to use. You’ll get details on the genetic background of your dog and weight. In addition, you’ll also get weight range estimates for your dog, and more information about your dog’s breed mix.

Best for Purebreds: Embark DNA Test for Purebred Dogs

DNA Test for Purebred Dogs combines the accuracy and reliability of Embark’s test detailed data for purebred breeds of dogs. Because Embark analyzes more than 220,000 genetic markers that cover about 8% of your pet’s genome, they can provide more precise information than other testing services. It is crucial if you’re looking forward to discovering your dog’s genetic lineage.

Similar to the Embark Breed & Health Kit, the Purebred Dogs test analyzes more than 210 health risks inherited from genetics and more than 35 physical characteristics. The testing for Purebred dogs can provide genetic diversity data, specifically your dog’s genetic coefficient COI. Mark’s Purebred Dog test can pinpoint the COI of your dog concerning the breed you have chosen and other breeds of dogs. While purebreds which are inbred may keep or enhance the characteristics in the breed, too much genetic diversity could cause negative consequences, especially about fertility.

Embark DNA Test for Purebred Dogs will provide you with greater insight into the genetics that your dog is purebred. However, take note that the genetic information is distinct from the conventional evaluative techniques used to determine the pedigree of a dog. Data derived from a DNA test could be more reliable than pedigree tests based on lineage. Yet the final pedigree is determined by registration organizations such as those of the American Kennel Club.

Final Verdict

The most comprehensive testing for dog DNA is with the Embark Breed & Health Kit ( view at Chewy). This kit offers the breakdown of breeds and details on the ancestors of your great-grandparents. The test also checks for various genetic illnesses! Embark Breed & Health Kit is a slightly less expensive test. In brief, the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Kit is an excellent alternative that offers quick and accurate results.

What to Look for in a Dog DNA Test


The reasons you’re testing will determine the kind of test to take. If you’re simply interested in your dog’s lineage, there are a few basic tests, while other tests offer more insight into how their DNA and can influence their personality. Other tests can inform that your pet is at greater or lesser risk of various health issues.

Speed of results

How long do you wish to be waiting to see the results of your dog’s DNA tests? If you are looking for speed, some tests provide results rapidly (in just a few weeks) compared to other testing firms. All in all, the purpose of testing and your degree of perseverance will determine which type of test to pick.


Naturally, the primary characteristic you’re looking for in a DNA test for dogs is its accuracy. Accuracy is important as it provides information about the dogs’ health. Certain tests offer tests rates that are almost 100 percent accurate.

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