Shashibo Limited Edition Gartel Box of 4

SHASHIBO Limited Edition Gartel Box of 4

If you’re a collector of digital media art, you may be interested in buying the Shashibo Limited Edition Collector Box Set. This box is a digitally-designed toy with over 70 different shapes, powered by 36 rare earth magnets. You can change the box into any shape you desire, or combine two or more Shashibos for the ultimate display. Each Shashibo has a limited edition collector box, so you’ll never go out of style!

Shashibo is a digital media artist

Shashibo is a shape-shifting magnetic puzzle box created by American artist Laurence Gartel. It’s comprised of 36 rare earth magnets that help it change into over 70 different shapes. The cubes can be placed side-by-side to form larger and more complex geometric shapes. The cubes are approximately two and a half inches in size, and are great for children to develop fine motor skills and logical reasoning.

The Shashibo shape-shifting box contains 36 rare earth magnets that allow the pieces to transform into different shapes. Designed to look like a kaleidoscope when opened, the cubes can be combined to form larger shapes. It can also be gently twisted to form the shapes that are inside. Aside from the unique shapes that can be formed, the Shashibo is also available in a variety of multi-color patterns.

Gartel Limited Edition Collector Box Set

The limited edition SHASHIBO Collector Box Set includes 36 rare earth magnets. The shape-shifting toy is designed by Laurence Gartel, known as the « Father of Digital Art. » Using the power of 36 rare earth magnets, the Shashibo cube can transform into over 70 shapes. The shape-shifting toy can be used alone or in combination with other Shashibos to create new forms.

Limited Edition Collector Box Set

This SHASHIBO Limited Edition Collector Box Set is an exclusive opportunity to own this amazing magnetic puzzle toy. The creator of Shashibo, Andreas Schmidt, was inspired by his love of geometry, design, and sand art. He wanted to create a toy that was both fun and accessible, so he created a system that would use magnetic combining units to make different shapes.

Developed for young children and adults, the shape-shifting boxes are designed to stimulate the imagination and keep the hands active. The intricate artistic designs of the boxes are sure to delight the recipient. In addition to a great gift, this set makes an ideal STEM/STEAM-related gift. It can be purchased at Fun in Motion Toys for $299 and includes free shipping to the United States.

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