Product Review: Orthofeet Shoes

Could Orthofeet possibly be the solution to finding pain-free shoes that you can wear to the set?

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The Orthofeet shoe isn’t just ordinary shoes. We’re always looking for the perfect pair of shoes to wear to endure the long hours spent in the office on our feet work. Shoes that feel comfy at 7 am could make our feet sore after 7 pm.

If you’re suffering from foot issues, as many of us in our field have, it may be impossible to find shoes that would be comfortable for 12 plus hours per day.

Enter the Orthofeet shoes. They’re specifically designed for those who suffer from foot issues and are comfortable to wear for extended periods.

I suffer from bunions, which seem to worsen as I get old, so I decided I’d try Orthofeet shoes a shot. I also wanted attractive shoes that were not ugly orthotics.

Even though they are created for those with foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, bunions calluses, corns, and arthritis, Orthofeet sneakers are fashionable.

The shoes feature an arch boost to improve support, which is essential when you’re able to be on your feet for a long time. Orthofeet footwear also comes with an orthotic-grade inner sole to provide extra comfort. They also feature the ergonomic drop of your heel that allows you to ensure your feet are positioned adequately inside the shoes.

The cushioning on the soles is fantastic, and the cushioning is excellent since Orthofeet comes with a specially-designed comfortable heel cushion made from soft foam.

I’ve worn them for long periods without discomfort or pain, and they’re my preferred footwear for long walks because the shoes are comfy and supportive. They are stylish, too.

Orthofeet offers stylish sandals such as that Clio above worth a look and is made with comfort in mind. 

If there’s a downside to Orthofeet, they appear to be a little short. They recommend that you purchase the size half more giant for specific models. However, I’ve found that their regular sizes are slightly smaller than those I’m accustomed to. Keep this in mind when ordering.

Orthofeets are made of high-quality, and their price is affordable considering the quality and comfort.

Orthofeet shoes come in various styles, suitable for females and males. You can test the shoes risk-free by taking advantage of Orthofeet’s sixty-day Wear Test.

Orthofeet provides free returns and shipping. I was required to send back a pair of easy sandals.

I am married to the man and have several pairs of Orthofeet footwear that we swear by. I’m only disappointed I didn’t discover them earlier. They could have saved me several days of sore feet when I the set.

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