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About OrthoFeet Shoes

OrthoFeet Shoes Company provides orthotic shoes that give both men and women ease of movement and relief from 17 different ailments. The company is committed to providing top-quality products and outstanding customer services. OrthoFeet hopes that receiving help with their products is as simple as walking into your shoes.

This OrthoFeet review of their shoes will examine their most popular footwear reviews and customer reviews, as well as promotions. The aim is to help you decide if OrthoFeet is the right choice.

OrthoFeet started manufacturing orthopedic footwear in 2000. The Brothers Ron Bar and Michael Bar created OrthoFeet Inc. in New Jersey in 1984. The company’s early beginnings are more complicated than other shoemakers: Ron suffered a leg injury in his leg in the Yom Kippur war of 1973 but it did not cripple the casting process used to create orthotics. Ron was plagued by the discomfort and inability to move as a war veteran.

After receiving a doctorate in biomedical technology, the duo and Michael, who holds an Engineering Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, created orthotics and insoles for feet that can mold the patient’s foot. It can eliminate the difficulties in casting and making an accurate and reliable product.

After 17 years, OrthoFeet accumulated its experience with this patent-pending technology and developed a line of orthopedic-friendly shoes. They designed fashionable comfort and support for people with a variety of issues:

  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Arthritis
  • Back discomfort
  • The football is painful/Metatarsalgia
  • Bunions
  • Diabetes
  • Flat feet
  • Foot pain
  • Hammertoes
  • Heel pain/spurs
  • The knee and hip joint discomfort
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Neuropathy
  • Overpronation
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Swollen feet/edema
  • Gouty feet

How do you feel about this technology for orthopedics? OrthoFeet collection of comfortable orthopedic shoes flourished from their patent-pending Ortho-Cushion system. The orthotic insole consists of three layers. The top layer is to support your arch by creating an elastic material that conforms to the shape of your feet.

This middle part is breathable, which provides cushioning support. The lower layer runs from the mid-foot to the heel. The trampoline at the back helps ease the pain in your heel. The sole is affixed by an ergonomic design that moves to absorb the force of movement and help in keeping the feet in good condition.

Before we get into the brands that are the top-selling, let’s do a quick review of the most critical aspects of the OrthoFeet shoes:


  • Reviews from customers regarding their comfort and ability to alleviate discomfort.
  • Price competitivity
  • Shoes are available for women and men in different sizes, widths, styles, and sizes.
  • Elegant even for the senior age group
  • The products are to use in many different conditions.
  • It was developed by biomedical engineers, doctors, and medical professionals.
  • High-quality shoes and promotional offers are available.
  • Experts’ advice to help you select the right shoes for your needs.
  • Wear test for 60 days at no cost, returns, and exchanges.
  • There are no shipping costs for the US.
  • Stores are available everywhere.


  • Reviewers that write an awful OrthoFeet review of shoes are likely to have trouble finding the right size.
  • Accessible only to the US (Amazon can ship to countries outside the US, but this doesn’t alter the shipping or return the free shipping policies).
  • There are many kinds of footwear. certain collections are limited.
  • These styles weren’t exclusively intended for buyers of a younger age.

OrthoFeet makes insoles, socks, and footwear for females and males in various styles to deal with particular issues with legs and feet. The following OrthoFeet review of footwear will concentrate on the most popular shoe styles for women and male collections. Let’s take a look.

The men looking for OrthoFeet footwear will find six collections: casual/athletic/sneakers, dress, boots, slippers, and sandals. The categories for casual and athletic are the most diverse, while the other categories offer just a handful of choices for each. Most OrthoFeet male shoes are in suede or full-grain leathers in browns and black. Blacks and browns are the sought-after hues.

OrthoFeet’s customers can expect their footwear company to come with lots of cushioning in the sole area, heel, and all around the shoes. It’s not just helping with comfort and pain, but it could cause the shoes to look less elegant. Some brands look downright bulky for there’s a problem with regards to aesthetics and comfort.

Cambria Sandals come both in charcoal and colors, is the nearest OrthoFeet could get to regular Sandals (the other models are more of a water shoe look). It is made from leather and comes with an OrthoFeet Ortho Cushion system, which is in constant use.

The leather straps of Cambria Sandals have padding at the bottom and stretchy fabric that helps relieve pressure points and enhance comfort. They are easy to take off and put back on, leaving an open area for your feet.

The OrthoFeet sandals are perfect for running around, walking tasks, or simply moving around in the city when the weather is hot, and your shoes feel tight. The Cambria Sandals cost $99.95; it is affordable for long-term comfort. they are available in three sizes include Medium (regular) as well as wide or extra wide.

The Tacoma is a comfortable shoe to walk in, and some users have said they’re also ideal for running. In addition to the traditional Ortho Cushion system, the synthetic shoe has elastic upper padding to relieve stress on your feet from above.

It is possible to wear a thick sole when you wear the athletic shoe that is more suitable for casual or formal shoes. It has a modern and contemporary look due to the white sole and the upper in black.

Tacoma also offers walking shoes in black; the price is $107.95, just a little less than other orthopedic shoemakers. The OrthoFeets shoes come in three sizes: Medium (regular) and wide in addition to extra-wide.

Baton Rouge is one of OrthoFeet’s most contemporary designs that take advantage of the well-loved and beloved boat shoe. They’ve done pretty well in this respect because it’s padded considerably more than the traditional boat shoe. The sand color scheme blends the upper and sole of the shoes, making additional padding evident.

The casual Baton Rouge shoes are an excellent casual option that combines the support and comfort of OrthoFeet. Yet, they have characteristics of that boat shoes (most of the time). Low-key Baton Rouge shoes have a variety of darker brown and black accents, but this model is more focused on the high heel.

The $107.95 price puts Baton Rouge shoes in the same category as casual orthopedic shoes. The boat shoes are available in three sizes: Medium (regular) in addition to wide, and also extra wide.

The Lincoln Center is home to landmarks such as The Metropolitan Opera House and the David Geffen Hall; the Lincoln Center is the ideal place to experience live opera and live music at Lincoln Center in New York City. It’s all about style and class, which is the image OrthoFeet wants to portray by offering Lincoln Center dress shoes.

Because of the buckle and the soft glow of leather, the Lincoln Center shoes have classy appearance. The sole has more shaped in the manner that formal shoes usually have. The big toe boxes are distinct in formal shoes for the emphasis is on comfort, so it’s normal for the shoes to look somewhat different.

It is significant to wear Lincoln Center to the Lincoln Center popular area with plenty of things to do. There is pressure on your feet when you move, and OrthoFeet’s cushioning and ease of use will help achieve comfort. The Lincoln Center’s Lincoln Center puts the Ortho Cushionsystem in the form of a dress shoe. It includes buckles for $112.95 and comes in three sizes: large (regular) and large and extra large and wide.

OrthoFeet Women's Shoes

The women’s orthoFeet sneakers are available in eight categories, offering more styles and designs than the men’s selection. The collection comprises casual athletic shoe pumps, dress sandals, slippers, Mary Janes boots, and slippers.

The women’s line includes The Ortho Cushioning system, which blends synthetic and leather designs. The trade-off between less sleekness for padding doesn’t come down to an issue, but it’s an issue to think about.

Verona Sandals. Thanks to its metallic, Verona Sandals are OrthoFeet’s take of a casual walking shoe for women with an elegant look. The Verona Sandals offer ample support and cushioning in the heel and top side. The upper part rests upon the sole that is cushioned. The shoes are designed specifically for use, but it’s trendy to wear the sandal you could walk around.

It’s like Verona Sandals for a summer stroll along the boardwalk or during a city tour. Would you think that the Verona sandals are a bit unusual in Verona? They’re not European style, but it will stop you from taking a shaky step that can make your walking difficult.

The cost is $102.95. The Verona is an affordable price for a sandal that is orthopedic. The Verona is only available in Pewter, However. You have the choice of moderate (regular) or extra wide and wide to choose the perfect fit for you.

The Joelle is a shoe that resembles an athletic shoe with footwear in both the category of casual and athletic. It can also help with pain relief during long walks. It’s a strap instead of laces, it’s available in black and silver, but the black model is more suitable for formal wear. Maybe it is the reason why the OrthoFeet Review of these shoes makes it stand out.

In athletic and men’s shoes, they are the least difficult in combining style with extra padding. Thanks to its mesh and synthetic upper, Joelle is a more modern shoe. Joelle footwear for walking costs at $99.95 and includes the widest selection. You can choose between Medium, large or extra-large.

Emma 2″ Heeled Booties is an elegant and stylish design. Emma 2” high-heeled boots are easy and stylish with an orthopedic cushion. Firstly, they appear to be regular low-rise shoes, but they provide an incredible amount of comfort. secondly, the Wedge heels are typically much comfier than the ones with a lower heel. last but not least, they offer the most comfort because of OrthoFeet.

The OrthoFeet boots are easy to wear and remove with the zipper and flexible sides; a buckle is an attractive design feature. The black leather has an ethereal shine that will add a touch of elegance to your outfit instead of being the center of attention. Emma 2. boots include an interior layer of synthetic, which provides extra padding and a broad comfy toe area.

The Emma high-heeled boots cost $117.95; the price is affordable for orthotics. The paired shoes are premium leather. They’re OrthoFeet and are available in medium and wide sizes.

The Chelsea is a well-known woman’s dress shoe ideal for women who aren’t fans of heels. It is worth noting that the leather strap is cushioned and gives you more comfort. Although it comes at the expense of being delicate, it’s still stylish and elegant in the middle. They’re sleek and refined and have a sleek design and Ortho technology. They provide the support you need for your feet at night of partying, dinner party, or at work.

It is worth noting that Chelsea’s elegant shoes offered a stunning style gave a more sophisticated formal appearance. At $100.95, the price is not excessive for a designer dress shoe made of leather. The slip-on padded is available medium-wide, wide, extra-wide.

Are OrthoFeet shoes of high quality? The most important question to ask in the OrthoFeet reviews on shoes. A majority of customers are satisfied with the performance of their footwear. You can feel the comfort that is noticeable in most shoes. They’re naturally demanding, and many don’t get any benefit; however, there are a lot of users using their OrthoFeet website and Amazon customers who have praised them.

The critiques mostly focus on the fitting. as a consequence, OrthoFeet offers a helpful note for every pair of shoes in regards to whether you need an additional size or not. Even though most people who write a terrible OrthoFeet review of a pair of shoes appear not to have a proper size, another frequent complaint is that the toe-box, which OrthoFeet claims is vast; however, reviewers say it’s not enough in width. The wear test is 60 days that is available with no exchange fees and returns. It will allow you to try testing your concepts.

As this OrthoFeet review of the shoe has been repeatedly pointed out, it is possible to switch styles to cushioning in different shoes. However, many people are so excited to wear high heels and dress shoes that it’s a minor issue. It’s not the main issue around the globe. They’re doing a good job. But, other orthopedic shoe manufacturers excel in this field.

Are OrthoFeet Shoes Worth It?

Are OrthoFeet Shoes Worth It? The first question pops to mind in the OrthoFeet review of the shoe. The shoes are created to address problems, and they accomplish an excellent job in dealing with them. Their efficiency is determined by the necessity to solve the problem. Although there are some disadvantages, they are worth giving to test if there is an emergency. Prepare yourself for a few minutes in trial and error to identify the best option for you.

OrthoFeet Promotions & Discounts

In this review of the OrthoFeet shoes, we scoured for promotion and sales out on the site. There’s currently 25% off this year’s Summer Sale, which is automatically applied, so you are not required to input any OrthoFeet coupon. Be aware that this discount cannot be used with other OrthoFeet Discount Coupons.

Where to Buy OrthoFeet Shoes

OrthoFeet shoes are available at OrthoFeet.com and on Amazon. However, any product purchased via Amazon is not eligible to receive free shipping returns, exchanges, or refunds. OrthoFeet footwear is also available in many stores. You can learn more about them by using their store locator available on their website.


OrthoFeet Sizing

OrthoFeet has shoes for women’s sizes 6-11 and 7-14 for men. Each page of the shoe’s description outlines how to make it a fashionable size. OrthoFeet shoes are available in various sizes, such as medium and wide. They are equipped with spacers that fit the soles, which tighten the fit as needed.

OrthoFeet Shipping Policy

OrthoFeet offers free ground delivery, return and exchange on purchases made on their site to all of the United States except for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

OrthoFeet can deliver your order in two days outside New Jersey through Standard Delivery only, via USPS. The delivery time varies depending on the location from which your order.

Orders made from outside the United States can be made via a third-party seller like Amazon; however, remember that Amazon’s return policy does not apply to these purchases.

OrthoFeet Return Policy

It was a fantastic OrthoFeet shoe review which turned into a simple return procedure:

  • Be sure to fill out the return or exchange included with the order (if there’s a problem with your purchase but didn’t receive it, don’t panic. It’s easy to find it online)
  • Do you want to note any items that you wish to exchange using this form (there will be only one exchange for each item)
  • It is recommended to place the form inside the shoebox with your shoes.
  • Visit OrthoFeet.com/pages/return and input your order number into Merchant Information and your personal information to generate a prepaid shipping label.
  • Please print the label and then place it in the container.
  • You can drop the package at a Post Office.

OrthoFeet recommends you give seven days to return your items to appear on your bank statements and exchanges 15-21 to be processed and then sent.

If you have concerns that aren’t addressed by the OrthoFeet shoe review, contact the company at:

Phone: 1-800-524-2845

Email: cs@Orthofeet.com

Live chat on their site (OrthoFeet.com)

Be aware that you can contact experts for assistance in selecting the appropriate shoes via any of these channels of contact.

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