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mother witch deck

A Mother Witch deck is a great way to spawn hoggies. Usually used in the Graveyard format, this deck has one condition to win: the graveyard. Mother Witch spawns hoggies and helps to create a strong offensive or defensive strategy. The Valkyrie, Flying Machine, Musketeer, and Electro Spirit all help to boost your deck’s offense and defense, while the poison spell helps to avoid swarms.

Night Witch

In Night Witch decks, the Night enchantress can curse the enemy, turning them into a building-targeting Hog. She can also bake great cookies, a major benefit for players who love to make a major push. She is also the only card in this deck, so it’s a good choice for players who enjoy playing major pushes. If you’re looking for the best value in elixirs, you’ll love this deck.

The Mother Witch can also play defender or push card. You may find that the Mother Witch is an ideal defender against an air swarm. Another advantage of the Mother Witch is that she can counter direct damage. The clone spell helps add offensive power, and the x2 elixir can counter damage from your opponents. Finally, the Mother Witch can play a role in both offense and defense. And, if you don’t like to deal damage yourself, she can play a clone spell to deal a lot of damage.

The Mother Witch can also convert your troops into Cursed Hogs. The only drawback is that you can’t use her in a swarm because of her lack of area damage. She can only curse one or two units per swarm. Nevertheless, she is effective against Goblins and Minions. In addition to her powerful attacks, the Cursed Hogs can swarm an enemy and deal more damage than she deals to it.

A Mother Witch is one of the best counters against Graveyard, because it makes Skeletons spawn slowly, and she can also make them into royal hogs. This is a deck that can translate defense into massive counterattacks, which is a great asset for players who love to fight against low-hitpoint troops. As a bonus, the Mother Witch also produces bats, which are very useful against hogs.

Goblin Giant

A Goblin Giant Mother Witch deck is a simple push strategy that relies heavily on the Goblin Giant as its main hero. This deck doesn’t require bats or the Mother witch herself, but it still does very well against most other types of decks. The only downside is that it requires a lot of elixir, so be careful to not overcommit with it. Here are some tips for playing this deck to ensure your victory.

Bats: Bats are a good counter to a Mother Witch. Not only do they add offensive power, but they can also counter x-bows and graveyards. And you can use the elixir advantage to counter push your opponent’s spell. Bats are also a great counter to the huts and a great counter against the x-bow. They can also kite units into the other lane and away from your opponent’s towers.

Other cards: Mother Witch – You can also try the Graveyard deck. It is very popular, because it uses the Graveyard as its win condition. Royal Recruits: This is a good defensive card, and Royal Hogs will provide some elixir value. Fireball: Another important card is the Mother Witch. She will spawn hoggies, and the Flying Machine and Musketeer will help with offense and defense. A poison spell will help with swarms and chip damage.

Electro Giant: Another good deck to use with the Mother Witch is the Electro Giant. This deck has a great attack and defense, and includes the Electro Giant and the Inferno Dragon. It is very versatile and is a great deck. So get one for yourself and enjoy the game! You’ll be glad you did! So what are you waiting for? Get started today! You’ll be glad you did.

Electro Giant

If you’re looking for a mother witch deck, consider using the Electro Giant. This Mother Witch card has powerful battle skills, and you can also use it as a meat shield to protect your troops. This deck also features a tornado, which has a splash damage of up to ten. If you’re playing this card with your mother witch, you should be careful, though. You can’t just use it when your mother witch dies.

If you’re using the Electro Giant as part of your mother witch deck, be sure to save your pushes for when you have double elixir. This will allow you to defend against counter-pushs and make use of lightening to protect your troops. As long as you manage your elixirs wisely, you’ll be able to do a great job at controlling the battlefield.

While the Electro Giant mother witch deck is relatively F2P-friendly, you should be aware that the card costs a lot of elixirs. While this is a positive, you might find yourself in a bad situation if you don’t have enough money to spend on more expensive cards. Alternatively, if you don’t mind spending some cash on expensive cards, you should consider the Earthquake mother witch deck, which can also be a powerful choice when you want to destroy towers.

Another great choice for a Mother Witch deck is the Graveyard. As a win condition, this deck makes use of the Graveyard. Mother Witch spawns hoggies and the Flying Machine and Musketeer can help you with offense and defense. In addition, the Poison spell can help you to deal with swarms. If your opponent has a single counter, a Graveyard may be your best option.

Flying Machine

There are many good reasons to run a Flying Machine on Mother Witch deck. First off, Flying Machine is extremely strong against Fireball attacks. Second, Flying Machine is very hard to defend against, and provides value and flexibility to the deck. Last but not least, Flying Machine is also a powerful counter-attack and defender. And last but not least, Flying Machine is a great choice in a Mother Witch deck.

The Giant is the main card of the deck. It deals high damage to towers and tanks well for other troops. Flying Machine is also very strong against counter-pushes and defending, but it can die to Fireball. But it has the advantage of outranging many other troops. The Giant and Flying Machine have similar strengths and weaknesses. If you play the Giant and Flying Machine in the same deck, you’ll find that your strategy is pretty consistent.

Another reason to play Flying Machine on Mother Witch deck is its range. Its attack range is the same as its sight range, so it can’t be targeted by enemy units that are out of its sight range. You should also place grounded units next to the Flying Machine. As a result, Flying Machine can be extremely powerful in Mother Witch decks. If you’re using this card, be sure to keep a tank next to it.

If you don’t want to use Flying Machine as your main supporter, you can substitute Musketeer. However, this hero has less hit points than Musketeer and deals less damage, but it can help support a push on the bridge and is very effective against spawners. Additionally, Flying Machine is good against most buildings. Its long range makes it easy to pick off buildings even if you don’t have Princess Towers.


The Sparky in the mother witch deck has a number of advantages and disadvantages. He’s a ranged troop with high damage potential, but doesn’t target air. As the enemy’s highest-level troop, he’s prone to being hit by Rocket, a unit that can permanently stun Sparky. Also, Sparky has high area damage, and recoils back 1.5 tiles when he fires. This means that it’s a good option if you’re looking to counterattack enemy troops and units. However, he needs support from other cards.

During the game, Sparky can help you defend the tanks that your opponents send in. The Goblin Giant is also a good option, and can counter push an enemy princess tower. While it’s a great support card, Sparky isn’t very good against fast decks and can be easily stunned by a rocket. Besides, the CR makes Mother Witch’s attacks extremely expensive.

A general strategy for dealing with Sparky is to use a tank that can deal massive damage. While regular tanks may be effective against this troop, they’re often less consistent in getting to the tower. In addition, a tank that can target high-health units should consider using P.E.K.K.A. combo against a sparky is also effective. However, Mega Knight may take longer to destroy the tank, but the extra health from a tank is more than enough to destroy the Sparky.

Another counter for lone Sparky is Graveyard. This will distract Sparky for 7 seconds and has a high chance of destroying the unit. Skeletons can also help you counter a lone Sparky. Similarly, a Lumberjack can counter a Sparky. In addition, an overleveled Lumberjack can counter Sparky and be a good Elixir trade.

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