Mom Water – Who Makes It?

You’ve probably heard about mom water, but do you know who makes it? Jill and Bryce Morrison are the founders of this new beverage. We learn about their inspiration, first flavor, and partnership with a distillery. Learn how mom water is different than other bottled waters. And we learn about their secret ingredient. If you’re new to mom water, you should read on to find out how you can try it for yourself!

Their inspiration for mom water

Mom Water is the latest alcohol drink to hit the market. The drinks are flavored with natural extracts and contain no sugar or carbohydrates. In addition, the drink has no artificial preservatives. The company’s website also has a fun quiz, which helps consumers test the product. This product is a perfect choice for health-conscious people who want a drink that is naturally low in calories and high in antioxidants. It’s a good source of calcium, potassium, and magnesium and can help with weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The couple developed the drink over the course of a year, testing it in their kitchen. They soon discovered that the product could reach a broader audience than just moms, so they named each flavour after a different type of mom. The water’s virality on social media sites like TikTok helped the company gain popularity. It was so popular that beverage industry creators contacted the duo and sought their input on marketing content. The company originally distributed in Kentucky and Indiana but expanded to other states. Its distribution now extends to Florida.

In the Dominican Republic, Bryce and Jill McLaughlin were working in healthcare before launching Mom Water. After collaborating with the distillery, the duo decided to make the business their full-time job. Everything started in their mind. The business is a hit, and they’ve already sold more than 1 million bottles. They’ve since hired more employees and have made Mom Water their full-time job.

Their first flavor

The world is abuzz with the introduction of Mom Water – spiked waters with flavorings. Bryce and Jill started testing the drink around their kitchen table, and soon found that there was a much larger mom community. They subsequently named each flavor after a different mom persona. The soda became so popular on video-sharing website TikTok that beverage makers reached out to them for content. At first, the drinks were distributed only in Indiana and Kentucky, but they expanded to Florida and Ohio.

The Ferdinands developed the drink while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. They were looking for an alternative to sodas that were full of sugar, and created a drink that contained fruit and vodka. The drink is now available in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores throughout Indiana. The couple even decided to wait until they had enough stock to celebrate the launch. They didn’t want to party until their shelves were stocked. The flavor was a hit among consumers, and they immediately started hiring people.

Their partnership with a distillery

Jill and Bryce Morrison, the couple behind Mom Water, didn’t celebrate its launch until it hit the shelves. The duo had been vacationing in the Dominican Republic, where they’d tried vodka mixed with passion fruit. They realized that they liked the drink, but wanted a less sugary version. After researching vodka and passion fruit, they made their own, and decided to partner with a distillery.

It was hard to find distilleries in the area during Covid-19, but they finally found one in Yadkinville. In addition, the distillery had to produce their spirits in skinny cans. They needed to undergo a tunnel pasteurization process to make the alcohol. And because they wanted to keep their spirits pure, they couldn’t add any preservatives. In the end, they chose a whiskey made with 100 percent barley malt.

While many of these companies have partnered with distilleries in order to produce liquor, Mom water is a much more effective option. The distillery makes vodka, gin, agave spirits, and whiskey. All of the alcohol they use must meet strict quality standards, which includes proof and percentage. The distillery also follows strict World Health Organization guidelines, making sure that it doesn’t contain any bacteria, mold, or yeast.

Unlike other brands, Mom Water has a unique flavor. Each of its flavors is named after a real mom. The brand’s marketing team worked with a marketing agency to develop the flavors, and each one is associated with a personality. Becky, for example, likes to watch « This is Us, » while Karen is a true party animal who prefers tequila to pizza rolls. Linda, meanwhile, is playful and likes to sit in the center of her friends at parties. Julie, meanwhile, likes to watch « Friends » and makes cauliflower crust pizza.

Their plans to get it on shelves

Jill and Bryce Morrison traveled to Toledo, Indiana, to see their first production run of Mom Water. The non-sparkling, fruit-flavored drink is a blend of vodka and fruit. It will be sold in Indiana liquor stores, bars, and restaurants. The Morrisons have high hopes that their product will hit the shelves and become a household name. But they face a few obstacles.

After the first round of testing, the Ferdinands had no plans to celebrate. They waited to launch the product on shelves until they had enough inventory to begin distribution. They had been working with a Louisville beverage company that had created several flavors for sodas, including coconut and pineapple. The couple narrowed the flavors down to four – strawberry, passion fruit, lime, and pineapple. Jill didn’t like the coconut flavor, but the company was happy to produce the drink using the fruit-based vodka.

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