Family cat dies while trying to guard children against Australia’s most deadly snake.

The family was unaware of the bite until it began to collapse the following day.
A pet cat from Australia’s Queensland is being dubbed »a « four-legged hero » after it lost its life fighting a poisonous snake to protect children.
The playful shorthair cat named Arthur watched the two children playing outside when the poisonous eastern brown snake came close at the youngsters.
According to a Facebook posting by Animal Emergency Service, the brave cat immediately leaped in action to kill the snake to keep the children safe from danger.
The venom from the snake which Arthur bit is ranked as the second-most toxic worldwide. The snake is well-known as a handy snake, aggression, and temper, as per Australian Geographic. A snake’s bite may result in permanent paralysis. It can also stop bleeding blood. This can cause the death of the victim in the first few minutes of the attack.
« Unfortunately, in the process, Arthur received a fatal envenomation snake bite, » the report said.
Arthur was unable to walk but soon returned to consciousness. He has revived shortly afterward. The family was unaware of the snakebite in it was chaos trying to get the kids out of the backyard.
The next day that Arthur fell over again, the family learned about the fatal wound to the cat.
The family took the cat to the vet, but the cat’s health was too severe to be cured.
« His family, which is understandably devastated, cherish his memory and forever thank him for having helped save the lives of children. Arthur was always involved in trouble; he’d previously visited us and had been involved in accidents and was greatly loved by the team, » the emergency vet care service stated.
The courageous act of a cat was celebrated by people on social media as heroism and resulted in outrage.
« I’m extremely sad for the entire family as well as this Precious cat. Sending prayers for your broken hearts. We’ll see him again. » wrote a Facebook user.
« Oh Arthur… What a brave young man! My heart breaks for you and your family, » said another.

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