Benjamin Travolta – The Son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Benjamin Travolta

The son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Benjamin Travolta made his television debut in 2015, but it was a reluctant one. The Travolta family includes two siblings – Jett, who died in 2009, and his sister Ella Bleu. There are two uncles, Joey Travolta and Jett’s cousin, Kelly Preston. The actor also has a younger sister, Jett’s daughter, Kelly Preston.

Jett Travolta

John Travolta is an actor and dancer. He is also the father of Jett Travolta and Benjamin Travolta. Their parents met at a Scientology Church. The Travoltas have been married twice, once to actress Kelly Preston and once to singer-songwriter Paula Abdul. The Travoltas have two sons: Benjamin and Jett. While John Travolta is the oldest, Benjamin is the second youngest.

In 2009, John Travolta paid tribute to his late son Jett, who died unexpectedly from a seizure. The actor and singer had been on medication for seizures but it had run out. His family attempted CPR but it was too late; he was pronounced dead on the scene. Benjamin, on the other hand, was autistic. Travolta’s lawyer said Jett and Benjamin had talked about life and death while he was on a family vacation in the Bahamas.

John and Benjamin Travolta shared a selfie in salty air. Their father, John, welcomed Benjamin seven years after Jett’s death. Jett was sixteen years old when he suffered a seizure while vacationing in the Bahamas. While they were filming the comedy « The Experts, » John and Kelly Preston met. They married in 1991 and have three children, Benjamin and Jett.

Their relationship grew stronger as time went on. They met and fell in love and were married for two years. The couple also had two children together. Benjamin and Ella were born in 1992, and Jett was born a year later. Both men were born in London, which makes the relationship more special. It was a happy ending for them, but a rough road ahead for them. They are both now happily married and raising their daughters.

The family was together for eight years before Jett died of a seizure. The couple welcomed their daughter Ella in April 2000. They spent years basking in each other’s presence. In 2009, Jett suffered a fatal seizure. He was 16 years old at the time of his death, and his parents tried to revive him with the help of paramedics. His helper called 911 and a paramedic was called.

In 2009, the family went on vacation in the Bahamas, where Jett died. Benjamin Travolta was born a year later. Benjamin is the only son of the late actor’s wife, Kelly Travolta. The family still has another daughter, Ella Bleu Travolta. They are survived by their mother and sister. They were both talented actors, but Jett Travolta was the most famous.

Although Kelly Preston passed away, her children are still living their lives. Benjamin, Jett, and Jett Travolta are still in their parents’ hearts. While this tragedy has impacted the family, the Travolta family is still recovering from her passing. It is possible that she was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, but her family did not make the news public. However, John Travolta was there to support her during her final days.

Kelly Preston

A photo of father and son John Travolta and son Benjamin has become a hit online. John Travolta shared a photo of his son Ben holding a new puppy, with the actor sporting a beard and black shirt. The picture shows the actors seated above their son, and the new addition is named Benjamin. The couple are expecting another child, but for now, the Travoltas are just enjoying being parents.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston tried for three years before they got pregnant. Preston’s pregnancy surprised them, as they had been trying for three years. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Preston said the couple was surprised when she became pregnant. John Travolta held her hand during labor, and the actress’s close friend, Kirstie Alley, was waiting outside the delivery room. The two are also Scientologists, and Preston said she took extra precautions during her pregnancy to ensure the child’s health.

After his daughter Kelly Preston’s death, John Travolta talked to his son Benjamin about his mother’s death. In the interview with Kevin Hart, John Travolta said he and Ben discussed the passing of their mother, Kelly Preston, who died from breast cancer two years ago. Benjamin was still recovering from his mother’s death, and John shared the conversation with his son Ben. ‘We talked about how our father felt about our mother’s death,’ John said.

While the actors shared a close bond on the red carpet, the two men were not the same. They met at the Grammy Awards, and Preston’s daughter was named after Betty White. The actor had three children with Preston, one of which was named Jett. Jett, the eldest of whom was sixteen, died of a seizure disorder. The eulogy for Jett’s death was incredibly heartbreaking.

Although John Travolta has remained tight-lipped about the death of his wife Kelly Preston, he has not shied away from talking about it. He even shared an image of the family. However, John Travolta also took time to acknowledge that death is inevitable and his son has always been scared that his dad would die. In addition, he has not hidden the fact that he was a part of his father’s death.

John Travolta

Actor John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, recently lost their beloved daughter, Kelly Preston, to breast cancer. After the death of their eldest child, Jett, the Travolta family gradually recovered. Travolta and Preston are also parents to two children, Ella, 18 and Benjamin, seven. During the first decade of their marriage, the Travoltas were married through the Scientology church.

The father-son duo have been spending time with their children, including Benjamin, who joined his father to watch the NHL playoffs with the Tampa Bay Lightning in December 2017. In addition, the family showed their pride in the success of his daughter’s acting career by starring in Old Dogs in 2009, and in the upcoming movie The Poison Rose. Despite the celebrity-laden lives of John and Benjamin, the couple shared a special moment together in an Instagram post on Benjamin’s birthday.

While Benjamin Travolta and his parents have kept their son Ben out of the spotlight, they’ve been sharing pictures of the two of them with their new cat, Crystal. Travolta posted a picture of the two with their new pet on Instagram, and the comment section was flooded with fan reactions. Among the celebrities who commented on the photo are Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer. But in real life, John Travolta and Benjamin Travolta shared some special moments with their children, including a memorable visit to their cat’s shelter.

The family suffered several tragedies in recent years, including the death of Jett. Jett had Kawasaki Syndrome and had seizures. Kelly Preston died from breast cancer a year after Jett passed away. Nonetheless, the couple had two children, Jett and Benjamin, and their daughter Ella Bleu. The tragedy was the third of a series of family tragedies. However, the tragedy was the last one for the Travoltas.

Kelly Preston and her husband, John Travolta, lost their son Jett in July 2020. Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer two years before her death, and John and Kelly fought for months to fight the disease, but their grief is never complete. However, having a reason to keep fighting the pain is comforting. John and Kelly shared a picture of the two children on their social media pages. They also posted a picture of the family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Jett Travolta, the eldest son of John and Kelly Preston, has also battled breast cancer. In a new holiday commercial for a car rental service, the actor posted a picture of his daughter Ella dancing with the Santa Claus emoji. While there’s no news on the health of Jett, the actor’s mother died of breast cancer in July 2020. In addition, Jett and his brother Peter Palzis recently made a video in honor of their mother.

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