9 Best Online Clothes Shopping Sites in India 2022 (Updated!)

This is the 10 most popular online Clothing Shopping Websites in India. Online shopping for clothes in India is a very convenient and easy procedure. There are numerous websites that have appeared in recent years.

Online shopping for clothes in India is a surprisingly effortless and easy procedure. There are many websites that have appeared in recent times which help you discover the ideal clothes that match your tastes and budget.

Shopping online for clothes is a fantastic option to buy clothes without having to invest an excessive amount of money or effort. This is why we have listed the most popular online clothing shopping websites in India to help you can make the most of your cash.

09 Best Online Clothes Shopping Sites in India

1. Myntra

If you’re a fashion-conscious person, you may have previously heard of Myntra which is owned by Flipkart. It can be one of the largest online stores for clothing in India that offers a vast selection of high-end and mid-priced brands such as Roadster, Dressberry, Mast and Harbour Anouk, Sher Singh, Kook n Keech, ETC along with Hrithik Roshan’s casual-wear label HRX and many more.

The experience is great during shopping. You will be able to locate any item you’ve been looking for. The sizes charts are also excellent and are simple to select. One of the biggest advantages for Myntra against other retailers is the high-quality of images they provide. You are likely to be drawn to the items on the site , but this can be also an issue for certain customers.

Concerning the shipping Myntra gives you 30-days to exchange the item. A refund also will be announced after the pickup has been completed. I recently placed an order for H&M Hoodies from Vinron valued at 1499/- ( one piece ) and I am very pleased with the item I received.

Myntra is available on both websites as well as an Android application. The user experience in the app is superior to the web site.

  • Suitable for: Men, women, kids
  • Exchange or return : available
  • Delivery : 3 to 3 business day ( dependent on your location)
  • Exclusive Discounts – Shop online on Myntra to get the most competitive offers and prices
  • Extra discounts and Free Shipping on your first purchase. Earn points on each purchase and use it to make future purchases
  • Shop the Latest Styles and Trends Find the latest trends and shop for the latest clothes and fashions in the market
  • It is easy to track, Exchange and return in a single click. one click
  • Convenient Shopping Myntra is the best method to shop online using your mobile phone to purchase clothes and more. You can find everything you require all in one online shopping application.
  • Myntra Studio – Shop clothes directly from your feed and find styles that are inspired by the brands and celebrities you admire for the most current fashions.
  • Myntra Mall – Experience your local mall’s shopping experience by accessing your most loved stores and look through the latest and most popular items and designs.

Visit: Website

2. Ajio

I would not have recommended it if the Ajio team hadn’t made any modifications on their service. To compete with major brands such as Myntra Ajio finally made big modifications to their website, that are much more efficient. After having a look at the site a few times, I am confident that Ajio is also the better choice for shoppers looking to buy clothes on the internet.

Prior to that, Ajio was a small company that offered limited brands and the delivery experience was horrible. You can’t cancel an order after you’ve placed an order. Then, they have made a major change and partnered with brands to make shopping more pleasant. But one thing that is still troubling me is the lack of real reviews by customers and no order cancellation after items are shipped. You must be patient until the delivery man contacts you to inform you that you have cancelled your order.

Also, also there aren’t any reviews of products on the site as Myntra which lets users rate, review and share live images of items similar to Myntra.

If you’re in a tight budget, Ajio is the best alternative to search for massive discounts. There are many clothing brands ( but not as many as Myntra ) which offer high-quality clothing at a reasonable price. I recently purchased T-shirts as well as track-suits from the name brand Teamspirit for a bargain cost. You can read seven easy ways to save money while shopping on the internet to enjoy huge savings on Ajio.

Concerning regarding the service, Ajio offers a refund policy and items are delivered within 3-4 business days , depending on the location of your residence. Ajio service is accessible on both sites as well as an application.

  • Suitable for: Men, women, kids
  • Exchange or return: possible
  • Delivery time 4 to 5 business days ( dependent on the location of your business)
  • We are aware that time is valuable This is the reason we won’t let you waste time. Our carefully selected fashions guarantee high quality and convenience for you.
  • We offer items at a great price every day and you don’t need to wait around for sales to buy.
  • The collection of AJIO is high in fashion, offering only the most stylish designs that reflect the current fashions.
  • We provide a complete wardrobe solution with AJIO Own, our in-house label that offers exclusive clothing for women and men.
  • We are proud and delighted in supporting artisans and craftsmen by offering our unique Indie collection.
  • Additionally, we offer exclusive fashion brands from around the world.
  • Our carefully curated capsule collections are created to help you improve your fashion.
  • We believe that technology is an essential part of one’s personal style which is why we bring you the latest tech tools and equipment.
  • We provide a 30 day hassle-free return policy.

Visitthe Website or use the code RAM85RINL to earn amazing rewards when you sign to the site for the first time.

3. Amazon.in

In contrast to Flipkart Amazon does not have no fashion-specific e-commerce stores in India. Amazon is currently trying to improve it. The site is already an opportunity for large fashion brands such as Nike as well as Kate Spade to market their goods and is now expanding the site to include other brands.

Amazon is also conducting an advertising campaign about fashion, that is an obvious sign. At present you can buy from brands directly through Amazon as well also offers. It’s a good shopping experience because the website is not solely a fashion site. Amazon recently introduced its own fashion items with its Amazon brand. I bought a tee that is extremely good value at 199 rupees.

Its delivery service is exactly as you would expect it to be rapid, and it can deliver items in less than 3 business days based the location you are in.

The overall experience is similar to Flipkart If you’re seeking affordable clothes and need fast delivery, you can buy from Amazon.

  • Suitable for: men, women, kids
  • Return or exchangeis available
  • Delivery: 2 -3 business days depending on your location

Amazon is offering discounts on clothing during the winter sales. Visit Amazon Store to know more about Amazon Christmas shopping day sales.

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4. Flipkart

The first question that pops up in your head will be whether Flipkart is suitable for clothing. It is a simple answer however, you should be aware when selecting the clothes you want to wear. If you’re a fashion-conscious person, then it is best to steer clear of Flipkart when shopping for clothes.

Because of the many unknown brands available on Flipkart It is important to be extra cautious when you shop. Be sure to go through reviews prior to making any purchase, and also ensure you are familiar with the name before purchasing.

The app experience is great and delivery speed is swift and speedy.

  • Suitable for: men, women, kids
  • Exchange or return: possible
  • Delivery : 3-4 business days depending on your location
  • You can easily type in the product you’re searching for in the Search tab, and it will be found instantly
  • Find your ideal product by applying filters such as price, color style, pattern, and even the name of your ideal product
  • Review and read reviews of ratings and reviews posted by other buyers along with the seller’s ratings as well as the price and description of the product prior to purchasing the item.
  • There is the option to also add items to your wishlists with one click
  • To make the purchase make sure you select one of the simple payment options such as Flipkart Pay Later Pay Later, Cardless Credit Pay Later, Pay on Delivery (COD) or credit/debit card net banking and UPI enabled PhonePe
  • Check your order status inside the app and receive updates on offers that are personalized prices, price reductions or order status, exclusive launch dates, and sales events

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5. Indya

Indya is a renowned website for clothing that is popular in India that caters to women. I’m not sure what I know about it. Therefore, I advised my sister to go to the site and tell me what she thinks. One of the first things she said was  » I like the variety of styles « . In truth, I do not know the significance of that, however I inquired further, she replied that the site was suitable for me and that I will purchase a few things.

It is possible to personally go to this website and verify the information for yourself. There’s also an option to refund and swap option in the event that you aren’t satisfied with the item.

  • For girls, women
  • Return or exchangeis available
  • Time to deliver: 7 days ( is dependent on where you are located)

Visit the website Install App

6. Lime Road

Lime Road is another renowned clothing website in India which has over 1000 + brands. I’ve yet to find any famous brands. Many of them are undiscovered. There are a lot of options. Shopping experience excellent. I’ve found nothing that’s good for me , but I did find a few that I purchased them home. He states  » It’s excellent for the cost ».

Like Ajio there are no genuine customer reviews, which is disappointing for a website like one that is a lime road. Its delivery service is fast and efficient. My friend received the item within seven business days. In the end, you can explore different products, and purchase when you are satisfied with any product.

  • For: guys and kids, as well as women.
  • Exchange or return: possible
  • Delivery time: 8 working days depending on the location of your home.

Visit our website for more information. Get App

7. Levi.in

Levi’s is a well-known clothing brand that is known for its fantastic fit and top quality fabrics. It is part of Levi Strauss and Co. Levi’s sells its goods across more than 100 nations around the globe including India. The majority of Levi’s products are available on online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and Ajio.

  • For: females, males and children.
  • Exchange or return: possible
  • Delivery time 7 business days, based on the location you are in.

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8. TataCliq

TataCliq is another well-known site in India that is a specialist in fashion. In contrast to Flipkart and Amazon.in, the site isn’t a well-known one among fashion experts. However, we’ve found that the items that are offered on the site are excellent with the majority of them of good quality. They don’t appeal to all tastes however, and only a handful of them are worthwhile purchase.

  • Shopping for yourself or for a man you love, Tata CLiQ has a large selection of items for men. Find men’s shirts, shoes formal wear, watches, jeans and t-shirts, wallets and much more. Find the latest styles from the most popular brands.
  • You can refresh your style without costing you a dime! It’s a simple process! CLiQ is the most popular online shopping app for infants as well as women, girls and even ladies. Don’t be left out of the most recent fashions in lehengas Kurtis as well as more. Wear women’s shoes and watches, jewelry, as well as other accessories. Whatever your individual style will be, you’ll find it.
  • We provide free delivery to your home and express shipping to more than 100 cities. We provide you with an all-encompassing experience. Additionally, you can keep track of your order and get in touch with us anytime you’d like.
  • The search for the perfect home decor lifestyle such as sports, travel, clothes, jewelry, electronics and hardware is done. Some of our top brands are Mufti, Jack & Jones, Pepe, and Red Tape.
  • Get immediate returns from more than 500 stores, or return online purchases right to your door when you shop using Tata CLiQ. You are able to also receive exclusive CLiQ and PIQ kiosks in over 100 stores when you purchase on the internet using our trust-backed Tata mobile application.

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9. Tistabene

Tistabene is also an excellent option for the perfect shirt for men with a reasonable price. The company also provided us with their most top-selling shirts, which our enjoyed due to the quality and value. The fit is perfect, and the fabric used is really great. The Tistabene items are also sold on the most popular sites like Amazon as well as Flipkart, Men’s XP, Ajio, Myntra, Limerode and more.

Visit website

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