7 Monks Craft Beer Bar and Restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI

The 7 Monks is a craft beer bar and restaurant that pays tribute to the Seven Trappist monasteries of the Netherlands and Belgium. It also offers a speakeasy-style atmosphere called the Low Bar. Despite the name, you’ll be able to sample a variety of beers by trying the flight options. We’re excited to try more of the local craft beer here! Read on to learn more about the Seven Monks!

7 Monks is a tribute to the 7 Trappist monasteries in Belgium and the Netherlands

Originally, these beers were brewed by a group of monks at Mont des Cats in the Netherlands, but after WWII, three monks moved to Westvleteren, a city fifteen kilometers to the north. The monks were a group of independent thinkers who didn’t push their products to the market, allowing them to stand out. Today, these beers are sought after all over the world, but it’s important to note that they are different than anything else. Regardless of how you feel about the monks’ approach to business, many companies can take a cue from their example.

In fact, the name « 7 Monks » is a tribute to the 7 Trappister abbeys in Belgium and the Netherlands. Although it’s a tribute to the abbeys, 7 Monks is more than a beer. This is a special beer that has been created by the monks of these unique monasteries. There are several different styles of Trappist beer, but they all are monastic in their style.

After the French Revolution, a group of Trappist monks fled France. The monks wished to set up a monastery in Canada. The abbey in Westmalle, Belgium, was granted a small farm for the French refugees. Initially, the monks made butter and sold it at the gate. Later, the monks converted the farm into a Trappist abbey and began brewing dark and sweet table beer for themselves. Thus, the world’s first Trappist beer was born.

In 1996, Algerian armed men attacked a Trappist monastery in Tibhirine. The monks escaped without being killed. After the massacre, authorities blamed Islamists but also suggested that the Algerian government was involved. But the bodies of the monks were never found. However, in the years that followed, Schumacher was able to uncover what led to their deaths. It’s a powerful testimony to the power of nonviolence.

Today, Trappist monks take over the brewing of their beers, but they did not start their own brewery until 1852. Before then, they bought beer from local breweries, and ordered their refectory beer from them. But when they built their first brewery, they supplied their abbey’s needs with hops and malt. In addition to that, they only occasionally brewed for others. This beer is still considered one of the oldest brews in the world.

It is a craft beer bar and restaurant

If you’re looking for a place to eat in the city where good food meets great beer, you’ve probably heard of 7 Monks. Its taproom offers delicious food and drinks, and it’s conveniently located, making it a great option during rush hours. The friendly staff, tasty menu, and reasonable prices make 7 Monks a great place to go for a delicious meal. This place also boasts divine decor and a calm atmosphere. It also scored 4.5 stars on Google’s rating system.

The beer on tap at 7 Monks is a tribute to the Trappist monasteries of Belgium and the Netherlands. To be called a Trappist beer, it must be made by monks and be used for philanthropic purposes. Since opening in 2011, the bar has expanded to Grand Rapids and Boyne City, and now has more than 70 beer taps.

Traverse City is known for its cherries and wine, but there are plenty of breweries in the area. 7 Monks Taproom features 46 taps, a robust bottle selection, and a strong Belgian selection. Several of the taps are draft-only Michigan releases. You can even order a wood-fired pizza here. When you’re ready to get down to business, you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice for your next gathering.

It has a speakeasy called the Low Bar

The Seven Monks Taproom is a long, spacious bar with a pro beer taster as the general manager. The menu consists of 42 different beers on tap, two wine selections, and two ciders. The selection is carefully chosen with flavors that are both familiar and unique. The taproom, which opened in 2011, also has locations in Grand Rapids and Boyne City.

The staff is comprised of long-time employees, who have often worked their way up the ranks. Education is a big factor. The bar staff at the Seven Monks has an extensive background in medical devices and the Yellow Pages, and it reflects that in their selection of bartenders. However, education is not the only factor. Several long-term employees are now assistant managers of the bar.

In addition to craft beer and wine, the Low Bar also serves concoctions, or mixed drinks. These beverages are unique and packed with flavor. Cocktails offered at the Seven Monks Taproom include the Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, and Old Fashioned. While enjoying your drink, you can also enjoy a small plate menu. The cheese and meat board snacks are a favorite among Low Bar patrons. There is also beef carpaccio available on the menu.

Another bar in the Seven Monks has a speakeasy-style history. Formerly controlled by the Purple Gang, this speakeasy was known as Little Harry’s Speakeasy. It is located in a building built in the 1840s, which is said to have a large tunnel underneath it that funneled alcohol during Prohibition and runaway slaves during the Underground Railroad. A local legend claims a body was buried in the basement and may be responsible for hauntings in the area.

It offers tasting flights

The new 1,000-square-foot space inside 7 Monks Taproom will feature cocktails and tasting flights of craft beer. The taproom also plans to sell bottles of beer to go. Seven Monks taproom specializes in Belgian ales and also offers wine and cider. The bar opened in 2011 and has expanded to Grand Rapids and Boyne City. Interested in trying a new beer? You can take a tasting flight and find out which one is your favorite!

In addition to its tasting flights, the taproom has an extensive row of craft beer. The taproom also offers food. In addition to the tasting flights, the restaurant features a full bar and a kitchen, so you can order the exact beer you’d like. The brewery hopes to have its second location in Boyne City soon. If you’re looking for a unique experience in Traverse City, check out 7 Monks’s website.

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