5 Strategies for Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Car’s Air Conditioning

Summer heat can put a strain on your car’s air conditioning system. While rolling down the windows may save on gas, true comfort can only be achieved by turning on the AC and reducing humidity. While adjusting the temperature setting is simple, there are ways to maximize the efficiency of your car’s air conditioning. The experts at the CR Auto Testing Center have compiled some helpful tips to cool your car quickly and efficiently.

1. Drive Before Cooling

To maximize the efficiency of your car’s air conditioning, wait to turn it on until you start driving. The faster the engine runs, the faster the AC compressor operates, which allows the system to cool more effectively. Avoid wasting time and gas by letting your car idle before you leave. Instead, open all the windows for 10-20 seconds when you first start driving.

Set to the Lowest Temperature

Adjusting the temperature setting to the lowest level and increasing the fan speed makes the air conditioning more efficient, reduces humidity and can even save fuel. Setting the temperature higher forces the system to reheat the cooled air, which requires more energy and fuel.

Avoid Recirculation Mode

When transporting passengers in the back seat, turn off the recirculation mode. This feature recycles air from the front of the cabin, which can make the air in the back stale and hot.

Disable Auto Start/Stop

If your car has an auto start/stop system, consider turning it off in hot weather. This feature saves fuel but can prevent the air conditioning compressor from running when the engine is turned off.

Clean the Air Filter

Regularly check and clean the cabin air filter to ensure optimal airflow. A dirty filter can reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioning. Many newer cars have filters that are easy to access and replace, saving you money if you can do it yourself. »

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Additional tip: Automatic Climate Control

If your car is equipped with automatic climate control, setting the temperature to a lower level will not make the car cool off faster. These systems automatically adjust the fan and temperature settings, allowing you to set it and not have to worry about adjusting it again.

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