ACT jury cannot reach a verdict in the case of a man who is accused of attempting to import a child sex doll

A Canberra jury has failed to decide on a verdict during the case of an individual who is accused of attempting to bring in a doll for a child. Jeffrey Scott Deacon, 28, was arrested following the beauty was seized in the Australian Border Force.
Mr. Deacon was on trial before the ACT Supreme Court this week with his alleged effort to import the doll for a child.
Today the jury in the case told Supreme Court Justice David Mossop that they had been unable to reach a verdict.

A dispute over the doll that accused claimed he bought

Mr. Deacon bought this doll at $428 in September of last year on a website from China known as « little sex dolls. ».
The order was seized and seized by Border Force officers, who were later detained by the 28-year-old.
Today in court, the prosecutor Ken Archer argued that internet searches for a « teen doll » and several emails proved that Mr. Deacon was looking for an item that represented an individual who was younger than 18 years old.
The jury was told by the doll, presented to the court was a person who is not 18 years old.
« He was trying to identify a doll that was clearly young, » Mr. Archer said to the court.
The defense lawyer of Mr. Deacon, Sam McLaughlin, told the jury that there was no doubt that the doll was childlike but claimed that this was not what the client believed that he was purchasing.
« He did not walk into a bricks and mortar store, » Mr. McLaughlin stated.
« He didn’t see it in the flesh. »
Mr. McLaughlin admitted to the court that the only thing the court heard from Mr. Deacon was to see in the form of a miniature in a confirmation letter.
Mr. McLaughlin claimed that searches on the internet for dolls for teenagers did not suggest that Mr. Deacon was searching for beauty for children instead, but a « normal » adult one.
The jury deliberated for over one day, but it declared it could not conclude in the morning, and the case was dismissed.
It isn’t clear when there is going to be a second trial.

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